Strong police intervention against a Confederate MP. “The stick was pleasant to the touch”

Strong police intervention against a Confederate MP.  "The stick was pleasant to the touch"

Ryszard Wilk reported that he was beaten by the police during a farmers' protest in Warsaw. A video showing the entire incident was posted online.

The issue of riots that occurred during the farmers' protest in Warsaw is not going away. As a result of the clashes, 14 policemen were taken to hospitals and the condition of one of them was serious. Moreover, 55 people were detained and 14 of them were charged. They concern, among others: violating the bodily integrity of police officers or exposing a person to the risk of loss of life or serious damage to health.

As it turns out, one of the people against whom the police intervened is Ryszard Wilk. A video was circulated on social media showing officers bringing the Confederate politician to the ground and twisting his arms. A moment later, the parliamentarian is picked up and led away from the “center” of the riots.

A Confederate politician beaten at a farmers' protest?

In an interview with Polsat News, the MP said that he was hit with a police baton and then painful restraints were applied to him. – If it weren't for my parliamentary ID, I would have been crushed. Fortunately, I managed to get her out, and after a while the police realized that I was a member of parliament. Then they picked me up from the ground and took me to my friends, he reported.

Ryszard Wilk, however, assured that he had no grudge against the policemen and would not demand any consequences from them. – I was in the crowd to stop the escalation of tension. The officers took action, they had no idea that I was an MP. They reacted as they did to others, so I have no complaints, he explained. – They were just following orders. The provocateurs and the leadership of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, including Minister Kierwiński, are to blame for what happened, he said.

“It's not the police's fault, it's the provocateurs' fault. We collect data and we will not leave the case without identifying the perpetrators. The baton was pleasant to the touch, the gas was tasty, the policemen were very very polite. I have no grudge against the officers. We know who wrote the orders,” the politician mocked on social media.

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