A Polish woman warns against holidays in Dubai. “Check everything at every step”

A Polish woman warns against holidays in Dubai.  "Check everything at every step"

The influencer published a report from her stay in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, her dream vacation was not a complete success.

Luxurious holidays in Dubai are the dream of many Polish tourists. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful places may disappoint our expectations if an unpleasant situation occurs during our vacation. One of the influencers decided to talk about her experience during her stay in the United Arab Emirates. Sylwia Sone has been scammed several times by local taxi drivers and would like to warn other travelers.

Taxi rides on holiday

During holidays, we are often forced to use local transport. However, local public transport may be too difficult to decipher for a person from abroad or not entirely convenient. For this reason, tourists often choose to move around the city using fast and available taxis. Unfortunately, this may involve risks in some countries. At the beginning of the year, the Internet was outraged by the story of two tourists from the United States who were attacked by a driver in Bali. Now a Polish woman who spent her holiday in Dubai talked about her experiences with taxi drivers.

The influencer was scammed by taxi drivers in Dubai

“The taxi driver tried to cheat me for the third time. I've had enough of this,” says Sylwia on her Instagram. The woman explains that the man went around on purpose so that the tourist would have to pay for 6 kilometers more. The Pole emphasizes that public transport options in Dubai are limited, and using private transport is associated with the stress of additional costs. “I feel very uncomfortable about it (…) Check everything at every step, because it's not that rosy,” warns the tourist. The woman noted that this and similar situations happened to her in officially marked taxis. Although the rest of the Polish influencer's account shows that she could not complain about the lack of attractions (the woman visited, among others, a skyscraper with a viewpoint over the famous palm-shaped island and numerous restaurants), problems with taxi drivers certainly affected the joy of her vacation.

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