Jakub Błaszczykowski pointed to Zbigniew Boniek. This is a really strong accusation

Jakub Błaszczykowski pointed to Zbigniew Boniek.  This is a really strong accusation

“Kuba”, a feature-length documentary about Jakub Błaszczykowski, will premiere on February 24. The former captain of the national team revealed a secret.

Jakub Błaszczykowski finished his sports career in 2023. First, he said goodbye to the national team’s fans, during a ceremonial farewell during the match between the White and Reds against the Germans (1-0). The Poles won, and “Kuba” spent exactly 16 minutes on the pitch, which is the number he carried on his back during his career. Shortly later, Błaszczykowski also said goodbye to the fans of his beloved Wisła Kraków.

Jakub Błaszczykowski sharply talks about the role of Zbigniew Boniek

On the occasion of the premiere of the film “Kuba” on Amazon Prime (from February 24 this year), the former football player appeared in the most important sports media in the country. In an interview with Mateusz Borek from Channel Sportowy, Błaszczykowski revealed the background of the change of captain of the Polish national team. According to the person replaced by Robert Lewandowski, the decision in this matter was made not by the then coach Adam Nawałka, but by Zbigniew Boniek. He was then the head of the Polish Football Association.

– I felt like it was going to change me. And I didn’t mean the change itself, it’s normal, there’s no problem with it. The coach comes and makes decisions. But what mattered to me was what was done along the way. How it was done. Writing articles that I was toxic in the locker room, etc. (…) The coach came for half a year and said that nothing was changing. I just found out, I was coming back from an injury, the coach came and said that things had changed (…) I think it was more the president’s decision – admitted Błaszczykowski.

Interestingly, Boniek did not decide to comment on “Kuba” in the above-mentioned full-length documentary. Błaszczykowski also spoke on this topic in a conversation with Borek.

– It’s hard for me to answer this question. Production wanted to go on a date with him. I received information that the president did not agree to an interview (…) I am not in the habit of making phone calls at such a moment, persuading someone if they don’t want to do it and think it’s OK. I think this has to be respected. It was important for us in the film that everyone had a chance to express themselves, said the former footballer on Channel Sportowy.

Jakub Błaszczykowski – legend of the national team, Wisła and BVB

Let us remind you that “Kuba” played a total of 109 matches in the senior Polish national team, which translated into 7,696 minutes as a representative. The midfielder scored 21 goals, including three during the European Championship finals. With Błaszczykowski on the pitch, Poland achieved 44 wins, 32 draws and lost 33 times.

While playing for the Dortmund club, Błaszczykowski recorded, among others: two German champion titles (2011 and 2012) and an appearance in the Champions League final (2013). In the game for the most important trophy in European club football, BVB was ultimately defeated by Bayern Munich. “Kuba” together with Łukasz Piszczek and Robert Lewandowski formed the famous Polish trio in Dortmund, which was unrivaled in its best period. Borussia Dortmund had a Pole as their consolation in the years 2007-16. For BVB, Błaszczykowski officially played 197 matches, scoring 27 goals.

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