Morawiecki about the “migrant attack on the Italian border”. “Poland cannot be broken”

Morawiecki about the "migrant attack on the Italian border".  "Poland cannot be broken"

Italian Lampedusa is struggling with the influx of migrants. Mateusz Morawiecki commented on the situation, attacking Donald Tusk.

“Poland cannot be broken,” Mateusz Morawiecki assured in his latest post on social media. The Prime Minister stated that “Lampedusa is currently struggling with the onslaught of thousands of strong young men from Africa who are trying to enter Europe illegally.”

Difficult situation in Lampedusa. Morawiecki comments

“These are not refugees fleeing the war. These are demanding and often dangerous people, encouraged by the German “open door policy”. They demand a better life for themselves, but many of them do not intend to work for it. Their understanding of the world, attitude and culture – including work – are in many places completely different from ours,” wrote the head of the Polish government.

Later in the entry, Mateusz Morawiecki assessed that “the attack on the southern border of Italy that we are currently facing is another attempt to destabilize Europe.” According to the head of government, these are the disastrous effects of Angela Merkel’s migration policy.

Morawiecki attacks Tusk

“In Poland (and later in Brussels) her protégé, Donald Tusk, tried to implement it. He did it once – he would do it again,” he tried to argue. “Can we continue to close our eyes and pretend that all these rapes, robberies, burning cars and demolished streets are not happening?” – the Prime Minister asked.

Mateusz Morawiecki noted that “Ursula von der Leyen stubbornly fails to see the brutally simple truth on this subject – that it was a gigantic mistake by Germany and the European Commission.” “Poland is firmly against letting illegally smuggled immigrants into Europe. Relocation does not solve this disaster. The only idea of ​​the Brussels elites is to relocate immigrants from Lampedusa to… other EU countries, including Poland. It’s like putting out a fire with gasoline,” commented the PiS politician, adding that his political party “will not let anyone into Poland and Polish women and children will be safe.”

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