Morawiecki commented on the high-profile names on the KO lists. “You can see that there is no faith in victory anymore”

Morawiecki commented on the high-profile names on the KO lists.  "You can see that there is no faith in victory anymore"

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commented on three famous names that were on the lists of the Civic Coalition to the Sejm. – The platform becomes a lifeboat on one side. It is clear that there is no faith in victory there anymore, the Prime Minister assessed.

On Friday evening, August 18, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki published on Facebook another video from the “Camera at the Prime Minister” series.

Morawiecki: There is no faith in victory there anymore

The series started at the beginning of August, and its broadcast is to last until the elections, i.e. until October 15. The formula of the cycle consists in daily commenting on current events and answering questions from Internet users.

A single recording usually lasts about 10 minutes. In the latest recording, Morawiecki referred to, among others, for the Civic Coalition to publish electoral lists to the Sejm.

– Mr. Zbigniew writes: “The PO deceived me and my friends (…) Now I’m looking who they put on the letters. And I will never vote for them again” (…) You emphasize here that it is related to who they take on the lists, so I also have to add my two cents. I believe that the Platform becomes, on the one hand, a lifeboat. It seems that there is no faith in victory anymore. MPs are saying the same thing. But at the same time, it is also such a militant platform. I experienced it even today. There were attempts to prevent the meeting (a meeting with voters in Gorlice – ed.), said the head of the government.

“Piewiec Urban” and “the sensation of the 21st century”

Then he commented on the candidatures of three people on the KO lists, which received wide coverage in the media. The first of them is Andrzej Rozenek, a member of the parliamentary circle of the Democratic Left and former vice-chief of the anti-clerical weekly “NIE”.

The second is Bogusław Wołoszański, a journalist, promoter of history and author of many books on history, who in the years 1985-1988 was a secret collaborator of the Polish People’s Republic intelligence.

– Mr. Andrzej Rozenek, Jerzy Urban’s right hand. A person who is inextricably linked with martial law. Mr. Rozenek is a eulogist of Urban, who in turn incited to murder Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko. He is one of the main communist criminals, never punished, never held accountable. The second person I wanted to draw attention to was Mr Wołoszański. It is a sensation of the 21st century for me (…) He was spying for the communist authorities against NATO, against our allies – continued Morawiecki.

“He appeared as an anti-systemist, he entered the very core of PO”

The third person is Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of the AgroUnia association. It is worth adding that just a few weeks ago, Kołodziejczak stated that “Tusk took the Poles back a few centuries” and “made us a nomadic country”.

– When I read the comments about him, the mildest ones were: Judas of the Polish countryside, traitor to farmers, traitor to the agricultural cause. Indeed, one can only draw the veil of silence behind Mr. Kołodziejczak. It is extremely sad how the one who until recently hit the PO, appeared as an anti-systemist, entered the very core of PO, the very core of the living room and establishment of the Third Republic of Poland. A very sad metamorphosis – added Morawiecki.

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