Kaczyński's decision divides PiS voters. The survey results leave no doubts

Kaczyński's decision divides PiS voters.  The survey results leave no doubts

Jarosław Kaczyński does not intend to retire from politics for now. In the latest United Surveys survey for Wirtualna Polska, respondents were asked about the future of the PiS president.

After PiS lost the parliamentary elections, Jarosław Kaczyński suggested that he would not run for another term as party president. Ultimately, the politician changed his mind, as he announced in the weekly “Sieci”. – Our political camp now needs unity, decisive leadership and a quick offensive. Today I say clearly: I will submit my candidacy for the president of Law and Justice and ask to be elected for another term. Of course, it is the delegates who will decide, and I will do everything to convince them to make this choice, he said.

Poll. Should Jarosław Kaczyński leave politics?

As it turns out, voters are slightly less enthusiastic on this issue than Jarosław Kaczyński. The latest survey conducted by United Surveys for Wirtualna Polska checked what respondents think about the political retirement of the PiS president. When asked whether Jarosław Kaczyński should leave Polish politics, the vast majority answered affirmatively.

66.3% of people have this opinion. respondents – 59.3 percent chose the answer “definitely yes” and 7 percent “probably yes.” 27.8% were of the opposite opinion. respondents – from this group by 21.8 percent chose the answer “probably not” and 6 percent “definitely not”.

PiS voters divided after PiS decision

It is no surprise that the opposition would most like to send Jarosław Kaczyński into political retirement. 97 percent people declaring support for the Left and 94 percent supporters of the Third Way are of the opinion that the PiS president should withdraw from political life. 91 percent have the same position. voters of the Civic Coalition. Supporters of the Confederation are definitely more favorable to Jarosław Kaczyński. The end of the former deputy prime minister's political career is supported by 59 percent. voters of this party.

Interestingly, PiS voters are divided on this issue. 58 percent believes that it is not yet time for Jarosław Kaczyński to give up politics – 12% chose “definitely not”. respondents, and “rather not” 46 percent 32% were of the opposite opinion. respondents – 19 percent decided that the PiS president “definitely” should retire, and 13 percent said that this should “probably” happen.

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