Kamil Semeniuk is the best in Italy again! The representative impresses with his form

Kamil Semeniuk is the best in Italy again!  The representative impresses with his form

Sir Susa Vim Perugia with another victory in the Italian league. The team defeated Pallavolo Padwa in three sets. Kamil Semeniuk was chosen MVP of the match.

The Polish receiver is slowly starting to get used to the great form he is showing in the current league season. Kamil Semeniuk became the leader of the Perugia team. Sir Susa Vim's team could rely on the Pole, among others. during the absence of another representative of the white and red team, Wilfredo Leon. Now both of them can function on the pitch.

Kamil Semeniuk with the MVP award, Sir Susa Vim Perugia wins to zero

The favorite of the weekend match was the team with Semeniuk and Leon. On the other side of the net stood the team that was in tenth place in the ranking. The league hierarchy translated into what was ultimately visible on the court.

Importantly, both Semeniuk and Leon appeared in the starting line-up of the Perugia team. We are especially pleased with the presence of the latter on the pitch, once again from the beginning of the match, which can only confirm the return to full health of the Polish representative.

The favorite from Perugia won in three sets, having problems only in the last one, eventually winning 25:23. Interestingly, coach Angelo Lorenzetti allowed the main playmaker to rest. Simone Giannelli rested, and the game was led by Gregor Ropret, a player (supposedly) who will be seen in the colors of Asseco Resovia Rzeszów in the new season.

Will Wilfredo Leon soon join PlusLiga?

What did Polish volleyball players look like statistically? Leon scored eight points and Semeniuk 13 points. In addition, Wassim Ben Tara, well known from Polish pitches, added the most points to the visitors' tally, 19 points.

However, Semeniuk was elected MVP, finishing key actions and additionally contributing to the reception of the serve.

In the context of Leon, it is worth recalling that there is more and more talk about the volleyball player's chances of playing in PlusLiga. Where exactly? Unofficially, the captain of the Perugia club would play for Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle from the new season.

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