Stefano Lavarini did not beat around the bush about Martyna Czyrniańska. He’ll make a decision soon

Stefano Lavarini did not beat around the bush about Martyna Czyrniańska.  He'll make a decision soon

Martyna Czyrniańska was not appointed to the narrow team for the European Volleyball Championships. The coach of the Polish national team, Stefano Lavarini, assessed the 19-year-old’s chances of returning to the game during qualification for the Olympic Games. There is great optimism about it.

Polish volleyball players will face another important challenge, which will be winning one of the medals during the European Championships. After three friendly matches with the Turkish national team, which took place in Krosno and Mielec, the team is in a very good mood. Stefano Lavarini’s players are considered to be one of the candidates for the final triumph in the competition, but we will find out how it will be in a few weeks. Soon Biało-Czerwone will play with Slovenia as part of the inauguration of the tournament, and a few days ago we met the team, which lacked the injured Martyna Czyrniańska.

Stefano Lavarini is optimistic about the case of Martyna Czyrniańska

– Martyna Czyrniańska’s muscle problems require a different mode of work and an individual approach. Martyna stays with the group because she is subject to daily control and regenerative activities. She is an important part of the team, which is why the training and medical staff make every effort to safely prepare her for the upcoming European Championships. Otherwise, it will be preparing for the qualifying tournament in Łódź – said Stefano Lavarini regarding Martyna Czyrniańska before announcing the team for the European Championships.

The Italian coach’s narrative has not changed much, but is much more optimistic. The selector of the Polish national team gave an interview for “Interia Sport”, in which he revealed that there was a good chance that Martyna Czyrniańska would be appointed to the team for the Olympic qualifications.

“He is, which is why he’s here with us while we prepare.” We have organized a rehabilitation plan for her for the coming weeks so that she can recover as soon as possible and be able to participate in them. That is our goal and I hope he will join us. I think I will make a decision a few days before the qualifiers. We have plenty of time to monitor her health. We will then check her readiness for the game. The choice will be the best for the team.

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