Polish tennis player will become a Clout MMA star? Mysterious words of an athlete

Polish tennis player will become a Clout MMA star?  Mysterious words of an athlete

A rumor has appeared in the network that Jerzy Janowicz will soon become the new star of Clout MMA. The tennis player himself referred to this information, somewhat responding to Mateusz Borek’s reports.

The first Clout MMA gala, which took place on August 5, enjoyed great interest (despite technical problems). It gained great attention mainly due to the fact that Tomasz Hajto and Zbigniew Bartman – extremely media figures from the world of football and volleyball – stood opposite each other. However, the federation does not intend to stop, as reported by Mateusz Borek on the Sport Channel.

Jerzy Janowicz will appear in the Clout MMA fight?

– In the stands there were also m.in. Jurek Janowicz. Our former tennis player who, from what I hear, is already in very advanced talks. In a moment, these smashes, volleys, “dropsticks” will probably be in his performance already in the octagon. But Jurek always liked to fight, his physical condition is also very good –

Zbigniew Bartman is said to have “chosen” another opponent to fight, but he did not reveal who it was after the first gala. The only lead is the one according to which it is about a former athlete practicing individual discipline in the past. Janowicz fits this description, although he has not yet referred to the matter in an unambiguous way.

Jerzy Janowicz’s enigmatic words about freak fights

Some time ago, he admitted only in sport.pl that after many years he was tired of tennis. “I’m just starting to breathe fresh air without him.” I will not say that I have finished my career, because I do not like such declarations. I don’t need attention and applause either. At the time, he added that he still had no concrete idea of ​​what he would do next in life, although he had a few ideas.

Are freak fights and participation in duels under the Clout MMA flag one of them? This is not known. When the tennis player was asked about this issue after the first gala, he avoided a specific answer. “For now, they have to take credit for me,” he joked, implying that the federation would have to pay him a lot of money for the fight. – I do not confirm anything and I do not talk about it – he added after a while, when the topic of his entry into the octagon was being dug.

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