This was not how a visit to the famous attraction was supposed to end. The tourists were hanging over the abyss

This was not how a visit to the famous attraction was supposed to end.  The tourists were hanging over the abyss

A visit to an extreme attraction ended in a dangerous way. All thanks to tourists who did not follow the required rules. A moment of inattention was enough for them to hang over the edge.

Extreme attractions have been attracting tourists from all over the world for years. They can be found both in Europe and outside our continent. We will see one of these in China. We are talking about the Longtan Grand Canyon rope bridge, suspended in the city of Luoyang. A group of tourists who decided to climb it performed a risky stunt. This one ended almost tragically.

They entered the iconic bridge. They hung over the abyss

The situation gave chills not only to the victims themselves, but also to witnesses and Internet users. The Longtan Grand Canyon Rope Bridge, although made of steel, proved dangerous. This didn't happen without a reason. The mentioned tourists did not mind the prohibitions there. Once on the bridge, they started swinging it to provide themselves with additional sensations. Even the staff's warnings did not help. Moments later, the bridge turned dangerously upside down. This left everyone hanging upside down over the precipice, holding on to the ropes with only their hands.

The incident was one step away from tragedy. It should be noted that the Longtan Grand Canyon Bridge hangs at a height of 36 meters and is 88 meters long. Falling from such an attraction could only end in one way. When the tourists were hanging over the precipice, help was immediately called.

The rescuers arrived just in time. The recording was published online

The footage captured during the incident shows that those present on the bridge were very lucky. The rescuers arrived at the scene exceptionally quickly, thanks to which the injured were in a safe place just a few minutes after the incident. According to foreign media, no one was injured. Apparently some people had a great time.

The film, which presents an extreme situation, can be seen, among others, on the X platform. It was published by the foreign portal South China Morning Post. People who are afraid of heights may have trouble admiring it with their eyes open. About 6 people are holding on to the suspension bridge over the abyss, and special rescuers are pulling them back up.

Although everything ended well, the situation was not allowed to go unpunished. reported that the attraction was temporarily closed. It was also reported that the bridge had no faults and the situation was solely the fault of irresponsible people. “The bridge has double security – safety ropes and fasteners. The tourists simply shook vigorously and lost their balance,” an employee of the local Xin'an County Culture and Tourism Office told foreign media.

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