The captain of Wisła Kraków surprised. He would give a gold medal for this

The captain of Wisła Kraków surprised.  He would give a gold medal for this

Wisła Kraków defeated Pogoń Szczecin in the Polish Cup final. After receiving the gold medal, the White Star captain confessed that he could give it back. For him, something else matters.

Wisła Kraków quite unexpectedly won the Polish Cup. Pogoń Szczecin was the favorite in this match, but after a fatal mistake by one of the defenders, Biała Gwiazda could have enjoyed the triumph.

Wisła Kraków captain: I miss it

In addition to the high bonus, winning the Polish Cup involves playing in the qualifying rounds of European cups. In an interview with TVP Sport, Alan Uryga revealed that he forgets about it.

– I still miss the fact that winning the Polish Cup means winning the cup. We will think about it when this topic comes up, he said.

Alan Uryga's surprising confession. He would give up the gold medal

The captain of Wisła Kraków confessed that he was willing to give up his gold medal for something else. – I said from the beginning that I would exchange today's success for promotion. I can say this honestly because I've been there before, so I know what it tastes like. Someone might have said it was just talk. No, now I have a gold medal around my neck and I stand by this declaration. I would give it back if someone told me that we would play in the Ekstraklasa next season, he emphasized

– This is the most important thing for our club. Something that can really change the financial and organizational situation of Wisła. And that's what we all strive for, he continued.

According to Alan Uryga, winning the Polish Cup may be an important step in rebuilding Wisła Kraków. – And this is probably the thing that pleases me the most. That Wisła, which has been fighting in the backfield for two years. About which people talk differently. There are many strange situations and scandals. We will no longer discuss whether this is right or wrong. However, we can finally remember football Poland. And make everyone start talking about us in any positive way again, he concluded.

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