Great news. PGE Narodowy may be full again

Great news.  PGE Narodowy may be full again

The Polish Speedway Grand Prix in Warsaw is scheduled for May 11. There is good news from the tournament organizing staff. Lots of fans can come to PGE Narodowy again. 30,000 tickets have already been sold.

The Polish Grand Prix in Warsaw held at the PGE National Stadium is the showcase of world speedway. Practically every year, the competition attracts approximately 50,000 fans in the stands. According to information disclosed by WP SportoweFakty, we may face a similar situation this season.

Great interest in tickets for the Polish Grand Prix

Przemysław Szymkowiak, media manager of the competition, admitted in an interview with WP SportoweFakty that 30,000 tickets for this year’s Grand Prix have already been sold, and there are four months left until the tournament. This is an excellent result, considering the fact that we are currently on winter break.

– We are preparing for the competition in the same way as in the previous edition, with the difference that we have four months to complete it and the level of interest is much higher than last year, which is also visible in ticket sales. Sales dynamics indicate that PGE Narodowy should be filled with approximately 50,000 fans, emphasized Szymkowiak.

He added that the organizers are satisfied with the pace at which fans are buying tickets. Currently, the cheapest tickets cost PLN 139.

Tournament in Warsaw with an additional twist

Let us recall that the first round of the Grand Prix series in Warsaw was organized in 2015. However, it turned out to be a failure due to problems with the surface and the starting line. In the following years, lessons were learned and we saw great racing at the PGE National Stadium.

In total, seven GP tournaments have already been held at this facility (2015-2019, 2022-2023). A Pole has never won before. Winning in Warsaw is one of the dreams of Bartosz Zmarzlik, who has already won 23 rounds in his career, including 10 in Poland. In the capital, however, he always lacks something to stand on the top step of the podium.

This year, Poles will face another pursuit of victory in front of an audience of thousands. Apart from Zmarzlik, Szymon Woźniak, Dominik Kubera and a “wild card” player are expected to start in Warsaw.

Speedway Grand Prix 2024 starting list

1. Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland)
2. Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
3. Martin Vaculik (Slovakia)
4. Jack Holder (Australia)
5. Leon Madsen (Denmark)
6. Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
7. Daniel Bewley (UK)
8. Jason Doyle (Australia)
9. Tai Woffinden (Great Britain)
10. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
11. Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia)
12. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany)
13. Dominik Kubera (Poland)
14. Szymon Wozniak (Poland)
15. Jan Kvech (Czech Republic)
16. Wild Card Passer

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