Aleksander Zniszczoł overcame his bad luck in Oslo. Norwegian triumph

Aleksander Zniszczoł overcame his bad luck in Oslo.  Norwegian triumph

Sunday's ski jumping in Oslo was marked by a prologue and an individual competition. In the latter, Johann Andre Forfang was the best, and among the Poles, Aleksander Zniszczoł.

Sunday is the last day of competition in Oslo. On Friday, the jumpers welcomed the prologue, and on Saturday, the individual competition. The third day is both a prologue and an individual competition. Stefan Kraft was the best in the former, and Johann Andre Forfang in the latter. Aleksander Zniszczol did best among the Poles.

Stefan Kraft still going strong

The first Pole to jump on Sunday was Dawid Kubacki. The experienced jumper jumped to 130 meters, which gave him the lead. Aleksander Zniszczoł jumped shortly after him. Upset by Saturday's poor competition, the team leader achieved an even greater distance (132.5 m). Maciej Kot did not have such a good jump. The result of 122 meters meant further position. Kamil Stoch flew even shorter (117.5 m). The three-time Olympic champion had to descend and re-enter the beam because weather conditions made it impossible to jump safely. The last of the White and Reds taking part in the prologue was Piotr Zyła. The jumper jumped 127 meters. Ultimately, Zniszczoł finished in 5th place, Kubacki in 13th, Żyła in 18th, Kot in 29th and Stoch in 40th. The prologue was won by Stefan Kraft.

Short jumps by Stoch and Kubacki

The first series of the competition was opened by Dawid Kubacki (from among Poles), just like the prologue. This time, the jumper from Nowy Targ had a weak jump of 114.5 meters. Aleksander Zniszczoł showed a solid performance again, reaching 126 m. It can be said that it was a chance for him to atone for the poor result from the previous day. Maciej Kot jumped as much as the 30-year-old. Both men ended up in the second series. Kamil Stoch did not manage to do this, his jump of 118.5 m placed him in a distant position.

Piotr Żyła jumped even further than Zniszczoł and Kot. The veteran of the Polish team jumped 126.5 m, which assured promotion to the second series. Ultimately, he finished the first series in 13th place. Zniszczoł was three positions lower, and Kot was six positions lower. Kamil Stoch finished the competition in 36th place, and Dawid Kubacki in 41st place. Daniel Huber, the current leader of the Raw Air series, had a weak jump that did not allow him to advance to the second series. Thus, he wasted his chances for the final triumph in the classification. After the first series, Domen Prevc was unexpectedly in the lead (134.5 m).

Aleksander Zniszczoł broke the bad streak

After a solid first series, fans had to wait a dozen or so minutes for the first Pole in the final round. Maciej Kot did not refer to the previous result and dropped three positions compared to the first series (116 m). Aleksander Zniszczoł was also not the first after his jump. The Pole could still feel satisfied, because after jumping on 124 meters he could enjoy his first points on the hill in Oslo. So far, he has never managed to score points here.

Piotr Żyła was the last one to jump from among Thomas Thurnbichler's jumpers. However, he failed to refer to Saturday's result. A jump of 116 meters made him fall many positions down, also behind Zniszczoł. The victory went to Johann Andre Forfang, for whom it was his second triumph this season. He overtook Ryoyu Kobayashi and Stefan Kraft. Zniszczoł finished the competition in 10th place, Żyła in 19th place and Kot in 21st place.

The ski jumpers will go to Trondheim

The jumpers will not have much time to rest. The next World Cup competition will take place in two days in Trondheim.

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