I visited the little-known island of Gdańsk. Here you can look at the sea and the river at the same time

I visited the little-known island of Gdańsk.  Here you can look at the sea and the river at the same time

Usually, when we think about Gdańsk, we have in mind a beautiful old town with attractions, historic buildings and atmospheric restaurants. We know that while there, we will also see a charming bay, sea and beaches. Few people know that the Sobieszewska Island is also a part of this city. A few days ago I managed to visit it and I must admit that despite the bad weather it was worth it.

The weather at the Polish seaside has not spoiled us lately. Although we would dream of sun, hot sand and a calm sea ideal for swimming, unfortunately now in many places we will only have strong wind, cooling and rain. This is not yet a cause for concern and the recognition that the trip is to be a total disaster. If we end up in a place as charming as the one I managed to find quite recently, there is a chance that it will be different.

I am talking about Sobieszewo Island, which is part of Gdańsk. We will find it east of Stogi beach between Wisła Śmiała, Martwa and the Baltic Sea. This peaceful and charming place is not as popular as the famous beaches of Brzeźno or Jelitkowo, but it hides many places where you can relax in silence and away from the crowds.

For years, there has been a lot of talk about crowded beaches, windbreaks and the lack of space to spread a blanket on the beach. It turns out that there are locations that do not attract as many vacationers as the most popular places. Although in my case the lack of too many people could be caused by bad weather, I think that even in the heat, you can find an empty piece of beach on Sobieszewska Island.

I visited Sobieszewska Island. A few days is enough to fall in love

Sobieszewo Island is not a particularly large territory. Most of it is occupied by trees, forests, beaches, small houses and quiet streets. We are surrounded by water on all sides. If we stop at ul. Nadwiślańska, we will be located practically right on the Vistula River. Turystyczna Street is considered to be the main street – there you will find several restaurants, souvenir stands and ice cream or waffle stands. However, there is no point in counting on an infinite number of pubs. Everything looks minimalistic, thanks to which we do not have to think about the choice of premises for a long time.

I stayed in a small guesthouse located right next to the Old Smoke House, the Bird Paradise Reserve and the Water Tram Harbor. I could easily walk along the Vistula Martwa, reaching the main roundabout at the Sobieszewo stop and the bridge of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence. The views from every side are breathtaking and arouse curiosity. Standing near the bridge, we can admire not only sailing and motor yachts, but also how the residential infrastructure of this place is developing.

What charmed me the most was the ubiquitous peace and quiet, as well as charming small houses and simple rural streets. Forest paths are filled with wonderful trees that form even carpets of greenery. The air is clean and there is little car traffic. Of course, the sea and beaches delight, where you can find a place without crowds, people, tempting restaurants or bars – this is the case, for example, in at the entrance number Gdańsk 19, 18 or 13. It is worth noting that there are also more attractive ones, such as the one called Kąpielisko Morskie Gdańsk Sobieszewo, which is connected to an alley full of stalls and restaurants and fast-food outlets. One day I was walking nearby and thanks to that, when I was running away from the downpour and storm, I could take shelter in a nearby place – it’s worth noting that it’s a beach with lifeguards and ideal for families with children. A similar one is hidden closer to the Seagull Łacha Reserve – the so-called Sea bathing resort Gdańsk Świbno.

Sobieszewo Island is good even in bad weather

As I have already mentioned, I was there at the time when the greatest downpours, winds and storms raged over the sea. Fortunately, I could feel safe on Sobieszewska Island, because I was completely sheltered from the wind. It was possible to spend time on the beach and walk along the sea.

Despite the bad weather on the spot, I felt good, although it is worth noting that there were moments when the sandstorm took its toll and, unfortunately, staying on the beach for a longer time was not pleasant. It was also difficult to leave the spread blanket freely because of the wind. In bad weather, instead of sunbathing, it is worth choosing bicycle rides, peaceful long walks and watching the views and the sea. It is also possible to take advantage of cruises to the center of Gdańsk or to observe seals living in their natural environment.

These attractions in Sobieszewo are worth visiting

In Sobieszewo, it is worth visiting the Bird’s Paradise Reserve, where you will find two observation towers. The last one is especially unique because it allows you to admire the river and the sea at the same time. We have access to everything from a great height, and the place can be reached after a pleasant walk among trees, vegetation and many species of wild birds. The reserve also includes several larger and smaller water reservoirs, including two lakes: Ptasi Raj and Karaś, as well as the surrounding swamps, meadows and forests. From there, of course, it is not far to a quiet and unpopulated beach, from which you can watch large ships at sea.

On the other side of the island, there is the Mewia Łacha Reserve, which is mainly associated with a viewing platform and seals. Tourists come to the nearby Świbno beach and use, among others, from popular cruises. Of course, you can find some charming places in the area, and you can walk along the Vistula River and through wide, peaceful forest areas.

In addition to the reserves, the attractions include the already mentioned Water Tram Marina with numerous yachts. Near Wisła Martwa, we will see a promenade that leads to the very center of Sobieszewo.

Being there, it’s a pity to skip a walk along Turystyczna Street and visit the famous Delfin Tavern. From this point, it is easy to get to the Gdańsk Sobieszewo Bath, where we go along the attractive Falowa Street.

Tourists also have at their disposal a ticketed Kazimierz Water Reservoir, from which you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Gulf of Gdańsk, the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture – the Treasure Island and the Wincenty Pol Memorial Chamber, the 19th-century historic sluice and the base of icebreakers in Przegalina.

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