A tourist from Lithuania broke his leg in the Beskids. The dog didn’t leave his side

A tourist from Lithuania broke his leg in the Beskids.  The dog didn't leave his side

Rescuers from the Beskidzka GOPR Group informed on social media about the intervention they carried out a few days ago in the Beskids. Once there, they encountered a faithful companion who did not abandon the injured cyclist.

As we read in the entry posted on the Beskidzka GOPR Facebook profile, the accident of a 44-year-old cyclist from Lithuania occurred on Saturday, October 14, on the Skolnity Wisła Ski & Bike Park bicycle route. “We are not able to describe all the events here, but we will focus on one today,” the rescuers point out. It was all because of the unusual companion who accompanied the injured man.

A Lithuanian cyclist broke his leg in the Beskids. The dog did not leave its owner’s side

“As a result of the fall, his leg accidentally got between the spokes and the front shock absorber, breaking,” we read about what happened to the cyclist. “He also suffered numerous contusions and injuries. To free the limb, rescuers were forced to cut out all the spokes,” the rescuers added.

The entry emphasized that the Vilnius resident was not alone in Wisła. “Friends and his dog also took part in the organized trip; after the accident, the owner did not want to leave his owner’s side. There was nothing left for us to do but pack him together with the injured person and take him to the place of transfer to the Emergency Medical Team,” the rescuers said. “The man was put in an ambulance, and the dog was taken over by the organizer of the trip,” they added.

They also attached photos showing the transport of an injured cyclist and his dog on a rescue stretcher placed on a special trailer connected to the quad.

Rescuers from the Beskidzka GOPR Group also informed that they had provided assistance in 98 accidents since the beginning of September. “This is undoubtedly related to the large tourist and bicycle traffic in the Beskids this fall,” they wrote. “Stay warm! Have a nice week in the mountains and below,” they added a greeting at the end.

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