Hot promotion for July. You can buy flights with Wizz Air from PLN 89

You can fly to this beautiful island country for cheap.  Wizz Air announced a promotion

Promotional ticket prices for the holiday month can already be found in the Wizz Air offer. The carrier promotes low-budget travel on its website and encourages shopping.

Don't you have any travel plans for the coming months yet? If not, it is worth flying to places where air tickets are extremely cheap. The savings can then be spent on accommodation or sightseeing. Wizz Air offers many sunny destinations for July, and one-way flights start from PLN 89. The price varies depending on the selected date. We checked what is in the carrier's schedule.

Cheap tickets for July with Wizz Air

The current offer of cheap tickets at Wizz Air is not time-limited, but as usual, there is a limited number of promotional seats in the pool. There are currently at least 10 destinations in the flight search engine for July. It is worth noting that we are talking about the holiday month, so you can plan a trip that lasts even a week or even longer.

From PLN 89 one way we will fly to Copenhagen, Leeds and London. In turn, we can reach warmer places from PLN 109. This is how much tickets cost to Italian Bari, Milan, Naples or Venice. Popular cities such as Budapest, Brussels and Liverpool also appeared. Loyalty club members can save a lot because the prices of such calls start from PLN 60, and the cheapest ones from PLN 49.

Of course, this is not the full Wizz Air offer for the near future. The timetable still includes many inexpensive connections for June, as well as for July, starting from PLN 139. There is also no shortage of autumn offers, valid e.g. in October. If we are talking about the next month, a hit will be, for example, Catania in Sicily for PLN 159 one way. We can spend the same amount for a flight to Malta or Dubrovnik.

Cheap tickets with Wizz Air. You need to be careful

When purchasing tickets from Wizz Air online, you must be careful about the so-called mysterious fees. Recently, more and more travelers reported that they had to pay an additional PLN 46 in the transaction process. Today it is known that in such cases the airline apologizes and returns the funds. It is also worth being vigilant and not clicking on any suspicious links. If the information sent to you sounds unreliable or comes from strange sources, it is best to verify whether we have not fallen victim to a hacker. Otherwise, we may lose data or even money.

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