A private island in the fjords could be yours. Check how much it costs

A private island in the fjords could be yours.  Check how much it costs

Have you dreamed of a private island in the Norwegian fjords? Your dream is closer than you think… if you have 2 million euros to spare.

The island of Tjaereholmen is up for sale. It is a piece of land in the south of Norway surrounded by fjords. The area of ​​the island is 4,615 square meters. The offer includes a house and a boat dock, which are the only way to get to the mainland. There are three towns in the area – Lyngør, Risør and Arendal, where you can easily do shopping and eat in local restaurants. The area where the island is located has a well-developed infrastructure geared towards tourists.

The house, which stands on the island, was built on the principle of tipi construction. Inside, there are almost no partition walls, and the whole is based on a wooden column passing through the center of the house. The house is one-story, but thanks to the terrain, it was possible to build a basement, which also serves as living quarters. Thanks to the characteristic wooden structure inside the house, open, bright spaces dominate. Despite the small size of the island, the house is hidden between rocks and trees, which provides a sense of intimacy and privacy. According to the assessment of the agency that put the property up for sale, up to 15 people can sleep inside. The house has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a large loft living room, a bathroom, a toilet and a pantry.

Additional attractions

There are many attractions in the immediate vicinity of the island. The new owners will be able to use the horse farm, golf course, marina offering various types of water sports, tennis courts and bike rental. It takes less than 5 minutes to get from the island to the mainland.

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