A flight through the USA can turn into a horror movie. The Pole warns against such a journey

A flight through the USA can turn into a horror movie.  The Pole warns against such a journey

She was supposed to have a peaceful journey, but she was close to returning to her home country. Today, a Pole advises against flying via the USA and she has her reasons. Her recording posted on TikTok evokes many emotions.

Traveling around the United States can be fantastic, as has been proven many times by, among others, heroes of interviews published on Wprost.pl. It turns out, however, that while flying to the USA does not have any problems, when it comes to transfers, the trip can be quite complicated. One Polish woman shared her story on TikTok.

No to flights via USA? The Polish woman experienced moments of horror

A warning against flying through the United States can be seen on the TikTok profile @basia.chmm. The young Polish woman published a special video and wrote under it: “God save us from the USA.” Where does this appeal come from? The woman was flying from Berlin to Panama via New York. No visa was needed, so the whole process was supposed to be easy and quick. However, the reality was completely different.

The Polish woman had the necessary documents, including the ESTA card, and reached Panama without any problems. She spent three weeks there and then decided to return the same way she arrived. The problems started at this stage. During check-in at the airport in Panama, it turned out that returning via the USA would not be possible. “The lady took my passport in front of me, ran it through the scanner, and then said that I was not allowed to enter the USA and I would not fly,” Basia revealed in a TikTok video.

Problem with flight via USA. The woman was lucky

The Polish woman, surprised by the unusual news at the airport in Panama, fought for herself and informed that she had been to New York three weeks ago and now she had to return. She also showed her ESTA card and other necessary documents. Despite this, the woman's system showed red and she couldn't get a pass. “Without waiting for any explanation, I wrote an e-mail to the address provided on the ESTA penalty website and asked for help,” revealed @basia.chmm.

Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long for a response from the US. The message stated that something strange had happened to the document and that it needed to be renewed. In order for Basia to catch her flight, the staff had only 40 minutes to do so. In the end, the matter miraculously happened so quickly that the Polish woman did not miss her flight.

A connecting flight in the USA? Such problems are the norm

Why are there such complications and what if the staff did not manage to renew the ESTA card on time? The Polish woman asked the airport staff these and other questions. It turned out that it was the US's fault and if the officials had not managed to renew the document before the plane's departure, she would have had to fly on another day. Fortunately, all at the expense of the Americans. Although you don't have to worry about finances, this type of incident still causes a lot of stress and raises further problems related to, among others: with an overnight stay – especially if New York was only a transfer base.

To the Polish woman's surprise, the airport staff in Panama said that they had no idea why similar problems occurred during transfers, but revealed that similar situations occur very often. This is to result mainly from the external policy of the USA – the expiration of the visa may occur, among others, when Americans decide that we were in a country that does not enjoy their favor.

“I won't fly anywhere with a transfer in the USA, I want to save myself the nerves. If you want to go, for example, to Panama, it is better to do it directly from Spain or via Canada,” the Pole advised at the end. It must be admitted that the history is really instructive, and Basia's warning may save future tourists problems.

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