Record number of reservations in January. We know when Poles will leave

Record number of reservations in January.  We know when Poles will leave

The portal provided information about the latest trends for the upcoming season. Tourists started planning this year's trips in January.

2023 brought significant changes in tourism, which is recovering after the pandemic. It turns out that the future of traveling is primarily short trips, which are already chosen by 70 percent of Poles. Tourists started booking trips for 2024 in January. It turns out that the beginning of the year was the best ever in this respect. The number of reservations on exceeded even the holiday months of last season. For now, Poles are planning trips mainly for the winter holidays, March and June. Among the destinations, abroad dominates.

Record number of reservations in January

According to information provided by, January 2024 promises a record season in Polish tourism. The booking portal has never recorded such a large number of reservations before. What's more, the first month of the new year even beat the holiday months of previous years. “Compared to the previous most successful months: January 2023 and July 2021, the number of transactions increased by 5.1%, respectively. and 3 percent The comparison with December, which closed last year, is particularly impressive. Here we observe an increase of as much as 117 percent,” says Eliza Maćkiewicz, Head of Commercial at Specialists believe that this means a complete recovery of tourism after the pandemic and the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

Poles choose March and June

The largest number of January reservations at were, of course, for winter holidays, which accounted for as much as 60 percent of all transactions. Outside of this period, citizens of our country mainly aimed to relax in March and June, just before the more expensive holiday season. Prices of hotels and apartments are much lower than in July and August. Foreign destinations dominate among the destinations, including: Croatia and Slovakia. Travel outside Poland saw an increase of 60 percent compared to the same month last year.

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