Greeks are fed up with this behavior of tourists. They started the “towel movement”

Greeks are fed up with this behavior of tourists.  They started the "towel movement"

The war against tourists lounging on sunbeds in Greece is entering a new level. The inhabitants of the region are fed up with the behavior of visitors who take places on the beach at absurdly early hours. The “towel movement” is gaining momentum as Greeks want their beaches back.

The behavior of tourists in popular holiday destinations means that restrictions and limitations are introduced to combat inappropriate action. In Italy, limits of people on beaches are introduced, as well as the need to reserve seats. All this to ensure the comfort of residents, as well as to protect the environment.

In other regions, residents take matters into their own hands and intend to fight the newcomers themselves. This is the case, for example, in Greece, where locals want to regain access to beaches and the opportunity to relax. That’s why they started what is tentatively called the “Towel Movement.”

Greeks fight tourists

The so-called towel movement was launched on the island of Paros after locals lost patience with inappropriately behaving tourists. Photos from the shores of the Aegean Sea show people marching with banners proclaiming “Reclaim the Beach: Paros People’s Movement for Free Beaches.”

Throughout Greece and much of Europe, tourists have found many clever ways to get the best beach spots. They use towels or umbrellas for this and, even under the cover of night, use these tools to “reserve” beaches. The locals want to fight it.

In addition, locals point out that private companies that rent sunbeds also contribute to this situation. They annex part of the beach and allow you to take a place after paying for it. In this way, they also deprive the Greeks of the opportunity to rest in their own country.

The Save Paros Beaches group points out that, for example, one company charges around £60 for the rental of an umbrella and two sun loungers per day. For a higher price of around £120, guests can even bask in the ‘VIP area’.

“We demand our right to public space, the right to use our beaches, which are being ripped away by greedy, socially irresponsible businessmen who occupy the beaches in their entirety or cross their borders up to 100 times,” wrote representatives of the Save Paros Beaches movement.

Battle for sunbeds

The “towel movement” is also spreading to other Greek islands, where inappropriate behavior of tourists is noticed. It is worth recalling that the war for sunbeds and reserving seats also occurs in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

This year, a video has become extremely popular, which shows how tourists run to grab sun loungers belonging to one of the hotels in Tenerife. They just waited for the pool chairs to be made available for use, then tossed their towels on the seats of their choice, and then went back to sleep or eat breakfast. At that time, their place was securely reserved and waiting for them.

Have you ever used such practices?

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