A serious crisis in Rome. The city has water problems

A serious crisis in Rome.  The city has water problems

Another region in Europe is struggling with a serious problem. This time there is a water shortage in Rome. A regulation has even been issued stating that its use should be limited.

A few weeks ago we wrote about Tenerife struggling with a lack of water. At the beginning of February, the region was seriously affected by the continuing drought. Alarmingly low water levels in reservoirs were recorded there. Experts say the island faces months, perhaps even years, of critical water shortages. Local reports stated that as of February 1, reservoir capacity was at 34.6 percent. compared to 52 percent during the same period last year. Therefore, the authorities decided to introduce a state of emergency.

It turns out that things are no better in Rome now. The capital of Italy is also struggling with a crisis. Therefore, appropriate regulations have been introduced, and failure to comply with them will result in a penalty.

No water in Rome

On May 23, a ban on using drinking water from the water network for purposes other than drinking within the city came into force in Rome. It is currently valid until September 30, 2024, but it is possible that it will be extended.

In the face of high temperatures and a significant increase in water consumption, it is necessary to limit the use of drinking water for non-domestic purposes in order to limit possible inconvenience to citizens during the summer period resulting from the limited availability of water of water resources by preventing waste and over-use.

We would like to remind you that the peak of the summer season is approaching, which also means an invasion of tourists to the Eternal City. Then the demand for water will increase dramatically and problems with its supply may deepen.

Penalties for non-compliance

Residents are advised to minimize the use of drinking water for irrigation of gardens and vegetable gardens and for recreational and sports purposes. “No water balloons and less watering of plants,” read the messages.

For irrigation and recreational purposes, citizens are encouraged to “use alternative water supplies and forms of reuse and reduction wherever possible.” Violation of prohibitions may result in a fine of up to EUR 500.

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