Vineyard on the roof of the airport. The new design will surprise passengers

Vineyard on the roof of the airport.  The new design will surprise passengers

The designed terminal will combine Italian tradition and sustainable development. The facility is scheduled to be put into operation by 2035.

The planned reconstruction of the Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci airport in Florence will include the creation of a 19-hectare vineyard. The new project involves placing rows of vines on the terminal’s roof. The architects’ unique idea is to show the Italian wine tradition and improve the assessment of sustainable development. This unusual attraction will certainly appeal to tourists arriving at the airport located in the capital of Tuscany.

Vineyard on the roof of an airport in Italy

Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci in Florence may soon rival the attractions of the best airports in the world. Even though you won’t see a waterfall with a high-speed train passing by at the Italian airport, tourists should still feel satisfied. A vineyard consisting of 38 rows of bushes will be built in the capital of Tuscany. An unusual garden is to be built on the roof of the facility, which will help the airport obtain the LEED Platinum sustainability rating. The location of the new attraction is not accidental – Florence is located in the famous Chianti wine region. “The vineyards will be cultivated by a leading winemaker from the region, and the wine will be produced and aged in special cellars located under the roof of the terminal,” we read.

The construction of the terminal will be completed in 2035

However, tourists will have to wait for the effects of the airport modernization. “The airport terminal will be completed in two phases: phase one is expected to be completed in 2026, phase two in 2035,” said an article published by The project by Rafael Viñoly Architects will enable Florence Airport to accommodate even more passengers. The new terminal is expected to host 5.9 million passengers a year, offer a larger commercial zone and a longer runway, and change its orientation, which will allow many modern planes to avoid the hills surrounding the port. The facility is to be connected to the city by a railway system.

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