A powerful hurricane in European countries. Authorities warn tourists

A powerful hurricane in European countries.  Authorities warn tourists

On November 2, a severe hurricane will hit Belgium. Polish embassies warn everyone staying not only in this country, but also in France. It won’t be very safe.

We would prefer not to hear about strong hurricanes at all. Unfortunately, these wreak havoc and cause huge paralysis in cities. We have just informed about the serious situation in Mexico, where Otis cut off from the world, among others, popular resort. There are victims and many injured at the scene. Now the situation is dangerous in France and Belgium. Poland can expect this too.

Hurricanes in European countries. Warnings have been issued

Warnings from Polish embassies can be seen, among others, on Twitter. There, the authorities informed about Hurricane Ciarán approaching Belgium. “The Royal Meteorological Institute warns that Hurricane Ciarán will strike next Thursday, November 2 in the morning, also in Belgium. Please be careful and follow the recommendations of local authorities,” read the message published on social media. The matter looks very serious, so everyone present on the spot should take care of an appropriate hiding place. “On the night from Wednesday to Thursday, stay at home/hotel and follow the instructions of local authorities,” it was noted.

Although yesterday, November 1, All Saints’ Day, is associated mainly with quiet walks and reflection on the graves of the dead, unfortunately it was not a safe time for everyone. At that time, warnings were also issued in France, and tourists and residents were asked to be careful and hide from the hurricane.

Hurricane in Belgium and France How long can it last?

It turns out that although the warnings concerned November 1 and 2, it does not mean that the situation will be dangerous only on these two days. Everyone on site must be vigilant for the next few days. Even if we stop feeling strong winds, we will still observe the effects of the hurricane, e.g. flooding, broken trees or dangerously hanging branches.

Due to the strong hurricane in Belgium and France, we may also notice disruptions in public transport, it is possible that trains and buses will run slower or change routes.

Interestingly, hurricane Ciarán is also expected to pass over Poland. We can have contact with the element on Friday, November 3. The forecasts apply to the entire country, and meteorologists urge people to stay at home and be careful because the wind is expected to be extremely gusty. Poles staying in areas at risk of storm are asked to be especially careful.

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