This direction was the most popular among Poles during the summer holidays. Ryanair has published data

This direction was the most popular among Poles during the summer holidays.  Ryanair has published data

The most popular airline in Europe summarized the 2023 holiday season. Where did Poles fly in July, August and September? Number one left other countries far behind.

The holiday season has come to an end, and with its finale it’s time for summaries. Some time ago, the Polish Chamber of Tourism began to analyze the past holidays – it announced that this year the leading holiday destinations were Turkey, but also Greece, Egypt and Bulgaria.

And what does this matter look like from the perspective of the popular airline Ryanair? A completely different direction dominated among people buying flights only – not trips.

Poles flew here for their 2023 holidays

Ryanair summarized the 2023 holiday season. Based on the carrier’s reservation system for the period 01/07-30/09, it can be seen that Poles flying with Ryanair were most likely to go to four destinations in Europe.

Spain turned out to be number one, with as many as 27% choosing flights. people deciding to go on holiday during the holiday season. Next in line was Italy – 19%. people, and then Greece – 15%. Fourth place, although far behind the podium, was taken by Croatia – 10 percent chose flights here. travelers.

“Poles most often go on holiday to Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia. We see growing interest in Bulgaria, but also in Montenegro. We also observe an increase in interest in typical summer destinations in the autumn and winter period, which is why our winter offer includes many sunny destinations, such as Alicante, the Canary Islands or picturesque Bari, beloved by Poles,” says Alicja Wójcik-Gołębiowska, Country Manager CEE & Baltics at Ryanair, she said:

What towns did Poles choose?

A particularly popular destination in Spain was Alicante, to which Poles most often went from the Warsaw-Chopin and Warsaw-Modlin airports. The city was also chosen by passengers flying from Krakow and Łódź. In turn, Poles traveling from Wrocław and Poznań chose the city of Girona.

When it comes to Italy, the most popular destination was Bari, which is an excellent base for visiting, for example, Puglia. Travelers from Krakow flew in this direction.

The most popular Greek cities were Thessaloniki and the island of Corfu. Tourists from Poznań and Warsaw-Modlin flew to Zadar. Countries such as Montenegro and Bulgaria were also very popular during this year’s holidays. Both Podgorica and Burgas were eagerly chosen by the inhabitants of Krakow.

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