The specter of the Brocken appeared in the mountains. A photo of a Pole is conquering the Internet

The specter of the Brocken appeared in the mountains.  A photo of a Pole is conquering the Internet

This phenomenon is extremely rare. Although it looks beautiful, not everyone is happy to see it. It can be disturbing.

A Pole shared a photo showing the famous and mysterious Brocken specter on the Facebook group Lubuscy Łowcy Burz. We are talking about a phenomenon also known as the mountain mirage, which may worry travelers. It looks like a rainbow with a gray shadow of the figure inside it. Some people have the impression that it is a transition to another dimension.

The specter of the Brocken seen in the Polish mountains. The photo is fascinating

The shots of the Brocken specter that appeared on the Facebook group were taken at the Zawrat Pass in the Tatra Mountains. Grzegorz Kita turned out to be the lucky person and the author of the photo. For the man, it was probably supposed to be a traditional trip to the trail, but he ended up discovering an amazing phenomenon.

This location is quite popular and many hikers visit it every day. The narrow pass is located at an altitude of 2,159 m and separates Zawratowa Turnia from Mały Kozi Wierch. It is also one of the extreme points of the Orla Perć trail. To experience the view that Mr. Grzegorz was lucky to see, appropriate conditions must exist.

Internet users who saw the post with photos wrote, among others: “It looks like a passage to another dimension”, “It sent shivers down my spine” and “It looks like a portal to the afterlife.” There were many more such and other opinions, and the paintings were admired by over 4,000 people. people.

Here you will encounter the Brocken specter. Where does it come from?

The Brocken specter has been mentioned many times in the media, and interestingly, the name of the phenomenon was even used by the famous writer Remigiusz Mróz, who wrote a book with this title. The action, of course, takes place in the mountains. Is it necessary to go out on the trail to see a strange rainbow with a human shadow?

It turns out that to experience such a view, in the mountains you have to be between the sun and the clouds or fog below. The spectrum in question is therefore, in a sense, an optical phenomenon and something that does not exist in itself, but is the result of several factors. A person actually sees his own shadow in the cloud, and a rainbow border appears around him. Everything resembles scenes straight from a science fiction movie or miracles associated with religions. Unfortunately, there is a logical justification for this, and most importantly, when you see this image, you don’t have to be afraid of strange or evil forces.

The unusual phenomenon is easiest to observe in the morning or late afternoon. Although it appears mainly in the mountain peaks, we can see it not only there. This type of view was also experienced by people flying in airplanes when the sun was illuminated by clouds and they were below, and the plane was at the right height.

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