The tourist took a dog in a bag while climbing. A surprising view in the Tatra Mountains

The tourist took a dog in a bag while climbing.  A surprising view in the Tatra Mountains

No one expected such a sight. A German tourist going to Bystra Góra packed a dog in a bag. Everything was captured on video.

When we decide to search the Internet for “what to take to the mountains”, numerous and long lists appear. A raincoat, hiking boots, a hiking backpack, a hat, sunscreen, a sufficient supply of water… They really do include a lot of things, but it certainly doesn’t include a rather large dog in a large blue shoulder shopping bag with holes cut out for the legs.

However, such a great idea came from a German tourist who was climbing a steep trail leading to the peak of Bystra Góra in the Slovak Tatras. Everything was recorded by one of the Internet users, Mr. Maciej, whose recording was shared by the “Tatromaniak” website.

The video clearly shows how a middle-aged man climbs a steep slope that requires special protection with chains. The man’s outfit, special trousers and well-selected footwear, indicate full preparation and proficiency in mountain travel. The only thing that doesn’t fit into the picture is a dog in a large blue bag with only its legs sticking out.

Internet users defend a German tourist

“Maybe someone has an idea what the purpose of such people is?” – the website asked Internet users while sharing the recording. It turns out that not everyone is against a registered trip. “Bystra Ławka is not Orla. This man’s every step was measured and he probably successfully crossed the pass with his pet. It’s better than tying up dogs in the forest because they interfere with your carefree vacation or wandering around the streets alone. In Slovakia, I saw many dogs crossing the trails,” wrote one of the Internet users in response.

“Let people live, maybe the dog is ordinary and likes it, once in Lublin there was a dog called Zośka who rode a motorcycle with her owner, had goggles, a helmet and was the mascot of rallies and she loved it and maybe it’s the same here, we can’t judge anyone by one photo. .. – added another commenter.

Before taking your dog to the mountains, always remember to be careful, and before the trip, check whether the area you are going to has a pet ban. In this case, there was no such ban, but was there prudence?

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