An unusual find in Lower Silesia. They unearthed the eggs of a rare reptile

An unusual find in Lower Silesia.  They unearthed the eggs of a rare reptile

The forest near Twardogóra is under observation by scientists. The eggs of the only turtle in Poland were found there.

The Oleśnica Forest District reported an interesting discovery in the Twardogóra forest district. Several small eggs were found in the ground, which may hatch into small ones in the future. Pond turtles are the only ones that can be found naturally in Poland, but they are still an extremely rare and island species. There are only four of their sites in Lower Silesia. New eggs were discovered in one of them.

Turtle eggs were discovered in the forest

European pond turtles lived in Twardogóra in the 1930s. Later, the protected species naturally became extinct, but was reintroduced 15 years ago. Today we can admire the effects of this. The newly inhabited turtles disappeared from the tanks at the turn of May and June and began mating. “Together with scientists, we unearthed pond turtle eggs, which will be used for research. The turtle eggs that were found were probably not fertilized by the male, which is why the young pond turtles did not hatch,” reads the description of the photo posted on the Facebook profile.

The eggs will be sent for research

The oldest European reptiles are included in the Red List of Endangered Species. – Currently, there are several dozen females in the forest district. In the forest near Twardogóra they have ideal conditions – water, sun and forest. They do not like human company – they are very vigilant – for them it is the most dangerous enemy. They feel our footsteps and run away. The females are wearing GPS transmitters, which helped us find the eggs left behind. We decided that we should dig them out and check the condition of the shells. At this point they have been earmarked for irradiation, but we don’t know if anything will hatch from them. If not, they will be used for research – says Weronika Tyczka, spokeswoman for the Oleśnica Śląska Forest District, in an interview with

This is another interesting find recently. Turtles are not always associated with the European climate, just like corals, the shapes of which were encountered by walkers on the outskirts of Siedlce.

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