Easier entry to Zakopane. There will be new solutions to improve traffic in the city

Easier entry to Zakopane.  There will be new solutions to improve traffic in the city

Until the construction of the new Zakopianka is completed, access from Krakow to the winter capital of Poland will be a nightmare for drivers. Also, getting around a crowded city is not the easiest thing these days. This should change soon, as road engineers plan to improve traffic in the city.

In August and September, we informed about road construction companies’ plans to increase capacity on Zakopianka. In Libertów, a new crossing under national road No. 7 and three pedestrian footbridges are to be built, the Kraków Południe junction will be rebuilt, and in Krzyszkowice road workers will build a tunnel. In turn, on national road No. 47, drivers have been using a new section of two-lane road from Rdzawka to Nowy Targ since September.

Improving traffic flow in Zakopane

This time, GDDKiA informs about plans to improve traffic at the entrance to the winter capital of Poland. Measurements made in 2020-2021 indicate that on average almost 21,000 vehicles enter Zakopane via DK47 every day. This is an average value that increases significantly during the tourist season. High traffic intensity in this place makes it difficult to enter the national road from municipal roads – ul. Wojdyły and ul. Step down. The situation at the entrance to Zakopane should improve soon, as road engineers announce the construction of two roundabouts on national road No. 47.

More efficient access to Poronin and Olcza

The first roundabout, coming from Nowy Targ, will be built at the intersection of DK47 (ul. Kasprowicza) and ul. Wojdyła. It will be turbine-powered, which will allow for smooth travel in three directions – to the center of Zakopane, to Poronin and to Olcza. There will also be two individual exits at the roundabout, allowing residents of nearby properties to join the traffic.

Better connection with Ustup and Harenda

The second roundabout will be built 50 m further, at the intersection of ul. Kasprowicza from ul. Step down. Thanks to its construction, the connection of national road No. 47 with Ustup and Harenda will be improved.

As part of the investment, three pedestrian crossings will be built – two on ul. Kasprowicza, one before each roundabout. The third one will be located in the place of the current one on ul. Step down. A sidewalk will be built on the northern side of DK47. We will rebuild the technical infrastructure and bus bays, and build new lighting and drainage.

Roundabout on Spyrkówka

Last fall, work began on the construction of another roundabout on DK47 in Zakopane, at the intersection with ul. Spyrkówka. The roundabout structure is already ready. The planned completion date of this investment is April 2024.

The most advantageous offer selected in the tender

The Podhale Road and Bridge Company is responsible for building two new roundabouts in Zakopane. The construction cost will be almost PLN 10.4 million. The investment is financed from the state budget. The contractor will have a maximum of 12 months to complete it, excluding winter breaks.

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