New information on the plane collision in Japan. “It Was Hell”

New information on the plane collision in Japan.  "It Was Hell"

One of the passenger planes caught fire at Japan’s Tokyo-Haneda airport. – It was hell – says the passenger, quoted by “Aftonbladet”.

On Tuesday, a Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 plane caught fire on the runway, reports British television Sky News. The event was filmed. Footage shared on X/Twitter shows fire appearing on the left side around the wing shortly after landing. At this time the machine was still in motion.

The fire brigade immediately arrived at the scene and started extinguishing the fire. However, the flames began to consume subsequent parts of the plane – at one point it broke in half.

It was soon reported that 367 passengers had been evacuated safely. 12 crew members also left the ship. Sky News reports that the plane was flying from Shin Chitose to Heneda, and among the passengers were, among others: several-year-old children.

“The entire cabin was filled with smoke within minutes.”

The Swedish daily Aftonbladet reached one of the passengers who described the incident as “hell”. “The entire cabin was filled with smoke within minutes,” he says. According to him, the passengers “threw themselves to the floor.” Soon the emergency door was unlocked and all passengers on board began to squeeze through.

The man, who was on the plane with his sister and parents, admitted that the smoke “burned like hell” and that after opening the hatch, he and his relatives did not know where they were running. However, they needed to leave the machine as quickly as possible to get some air. Videos were published on X/Twitter showing crouched passengers getting out via the slide.

Two planes colliding? The crew of the second machine was less fortunate

The Kyodo news agency reported that the Coast Guard plane that had earlier caught fire also caught fire. According to preliminary findings, this one collided with the second machine. There were six people on board the Bombardier Dash-8. Japan’s NHK news agency reported that five of them were killed. Only the pilot managed to escape.

NHK also reported that 70 fire brigades were working at the site. Tokyo International Airport is currently closed.

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