Building a house in 2022 doesn’t have to be expensive!

Building a house in 2022 doesn't have to be expensive!

Were you planning to build a house? However, the economic situation in the world and the constantly rising prices of materials and services reduce your possibilities and postpone your plans for the next few months? Do you know that currently building a house is associated with uncertainty and you cannot clearly estimate the construction costs? We have good news for you. There is a way to ensure that the total cost of building a house is very close to the expected one. Read the article below and find out how.

How does galloping inflation affect the cost of building a house?

After the outbreak of the pandemic in 2019 and the resulting liquidation of some supply chains, the shortage of raw materials and transport costs increased, along with the prices of real estate and construction materials, but this was only the beginning. The war in Ukraine only worsened the situation – it gave rise to new logistic problems and shortages of semi-finished products. As it develops, fuel and energy prices keep rising. All this means that the costs of materials necessary to build a house are constantly changing, which is unfortunately always to the detriment of investors. So how can you decide to make your dreams come true and start the project if it is difficult to estimate the costs of building a house. Is it possible to determine how much it will cost to build a house in 2022?

Can you count on fixed prices when starting construction of a house in 2022?

While not long ago it was possible to predict the cost of building a house and, along with the project, receive a cost estimate that was as close to reality as possible, currently no design studio is able to provide an investment value that is close to the truth. Especially when it comes to houses built using traditional technology, using materials such as bricks, aerated concrete blocks, hollow bricks, etc. Since the prices of building materials are constantly changing, often up to several dozen percent, it is difficult to determine how much it costs to build a house. even to the raw closed state. If you don’t know what the cost is, you don’t know whether you can afford such an investment. Is there anything you can do to change this? Is there anything you can do to get fixed prices for materials? How to take their changes into account in the costs of building a house?

Ready-made designs of single-family houses

Although it is difficult to estimate the costs of building a single-family house made using traditional technology, it is much easier to do it if you decide to build a prefabricated house from a wooden structure or perlite blocks. Why are the costs of building prefabricated houses more predictable?

The assumed price of building a house using traditional technology is very susceptible to changes. This is because such a house is often built for 2 or even 3 years. This time depends on the length of individual construction stages, but building foundations, laying walls, making joinery, installations, roof slopes, facades, etc. takes at least a dozen or so months. During this time, the market may record a significant increase in the prices of construction materials, which translates into the final construction cost. Meanwhile, building a house in developer standard from prefabricated elements takes several weeks to several months at most. This time is mainly influenced by the usable area – its size. Short implementation time means greater certainty that prices will not change significantly.

Building a house – what are the options to reduce costs?

As we have already mentioned, to reduce the risk associated with price changes, you can decide to build a prefabricated house, i.e. from elements previously prepared in a factory according to a specific design. Usually, the preparation of these elements takes several weeks, during which time you can obtain all the necessary permits and complete the formalities related to the preparation for the construction of your dream house.

Contrary to many opinions, prefabricated houses are not unstable at all, but often quite the opposite. Comparing them with houses built using traditional technology, they can achieve better insulation parameters, greater durability and be more energy efficient than them. The short implementation time also limits the potential increase in construction costs due to construction materials. Combining these advantages, a house made of ready-made elements is usually cheaper not only during construction, but also during use. Moreover, there are more and more specialized companies on the market that offer a ready-made prefabricated house design, including assembly. Installation by an experienced team also significantly shortens the investment time, so it is worth taking more interest in this option.

Cost of building a house 2022 – summary

Of course, the final cost of building a house from prefabricated elements depends on the design, materials selected for construction and finishing, but it is usually significantly lower than a traditional house. A single-story house with an attic with a total usable area of ​​up to 70 m2 may cost you no more than PLN 200,000 in developer condition. It is difficult to build a house using traditional technology at this price, so if you were planning to build a house in 2022, do not give up on these plans.

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