Chaos at Europe’s largest airport. Thousands of tourists left without luggage

Chaos at Europe's largest airport. Thousands of tourists left without luggage

There are ongoing disruptions at London Heathrow Airport, with thousands of passengers waiting for their luggage to be delivered due to a fault.

Another day of serious problems at London Heathrow Airport is behind us. A few days ago, the largest airport in Europe was struggling with a fire in a set of stairs on the runway, and then with a failure of the aircraft and baggage handling system. Thousands of passengers are still waiting to receive their bags. The problem is particularly affecting Terminal 5, which is the largest free-standing building in the whole of Great Britain.

Luggage chaos at Heathrow Airport

Europe’s largest airport has been dealing with a series of outages this week. The latest problem is with the baggage handling system, which has been unable to reach passengers using the London airport for several days. “I landed at Heathrow T5 this evening at 6:30pm… at around 6:50pm all arrivals were told no bags would be delivered. Chaos,” says one traveller who landed at the capital’s main airport on Wednesday, June 26. “I was told to go home and expect my bags to take two to seven days,” another person said.

Missing suitcases are being delivered

“We have recruited additional staff to support our teams in getting bags to customers as quickly as possible,” said a spokesperson for British Airways, whose passengers were affected by the outage. The issue has now been resolved at the airport, but the impact will continue for days. Passengers travelling to Heathrow this week and using Terminal 5 should contact their chosen airline to confirm their flight and check-in baggage. Heathrow Airport is one of six airports in the UK capital. It is the largest airport built in Europe to date and one of the largest in the world.

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