Did Thurnbichler find the reason for Stoch's poor jumps? This is where he sees the problem

Did Thurnbichler find the reason for Stoch's poor jumps?  This is where he sees the problem

The current World Cup season is difficult for Polish jumpers. Our veterans are a shadow of their former selves and there is no sign of this changing. However, Thomas Thurnbichler noticed what could influence the length of Kamil Stoch's jumps. This is where he sees the problem.

Since the beginning of the World Cup, Polish jumpers have not been doing well. They in no way resemble themselves from a year ago, when, for example, Dawid Kubacki was in the fight for the Crystal Ball almost to the end, or Piotr Żyła won the gold medal of the World Championships on the normal hill.

Thomas Thurnbichler found the reason for Kamil Stoch's poor jumps

Kamil Stoch won the World Cup competitions as many as 39 times in his career. There were times this season that he didn't even qualify for competitions. At some point, Thomas Thurnbichler decided to leave the three-time Olympic champion aside so that he could work with Krzysztof Miętus in Eisenerz on getting back into shape.

Unfortunately, it didn't help much, because our champion from Ząb alternated great jumps with shorter ones. In an interview for WP SportoweFakty, Thomas Thurnbichler indicated what could be the cause of Kamil Stoch's problems.

– I feel that Kamil's hardware is not working well, we could improve the setup. It is not perfectly suited to his needs. It doesn't get the right speed, he said.

Thomas Thurnbichler: Nothing is lost for them

Unfortunately, it is difficult to make such changes during the season, because it would result in a number of consequences that would affect his attempts anyway. – We have to improve, but it is difficult to do it during the season, especially if the athlete is not jumping consistently. Any hardware change causes loss of sensation, he continued.

The Austrian admitted that the Raw Air team needs to work with Kamil Stoch on the stability of his attempts. Moreover, the weakness of Polish representatives in competitions is also influenced by mental problems.

– They have won a lot and are not satisfied with not being at the top. This builds tension and it is a great art to deal with it. You can't overcomplicate this, and the jumpers want to give their best. Problems may get worse. Nothing is lost for them yet, he concluded.

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