Where to go in autumn? 5 ideas for a holiday in Poland

Where to go in autumn?  5 ideas for a holiday in Poland

Autumn is fast approaching, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of our travels. Where to go on an autumn holiday in Poland? We have the 5 most interesting propositions for you.

A big city, a seaside resort, a Masurian town or maybe an atmospheric hotel in the mountains? Autumn is the perfect time to go to each of these places. Prices in accommodation facilities drop during this period, the temperature is favorable for sightseeing, and there are no crowds on the trails. Where to go on a trip in September or October? Here are the 5 coolest places in Poland.

5 places for an autumn holiday in Poland

There are plenty of interesting places in Poland that are worth visiting in autumn. Here are the 5 most attractive ones that you definitely won’t be bored with.


Some time ago we wrote about how Lublin was appreciated by a British daily. And no wonder, because it is becoming a cultural showcase of our country. In addition, in 2023 it became the European Youth Capital, and there are more reasons to visit it. There is one of the best-preserved old towns in Poland, the Cultural Center, the Center for the Meeting of Cultures and the State Museum at Majdanek. In addition, we encourage you to visit the Lublin Castle with a brick tower from which you can admire the panorama of the city, or the Gothic Chapel of the Holy Trinity located in the courtyard. It is impossible not to mention the Crown Tribunal (Old Town Hall), the 14th-century Krakow Gate, Po Farze Square and numerous richly decorated tenement houses. In addition, tourists can count on many interesting cultural events planned for September.


This unique city in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship combines both the charm of a seaside town and a variety of urban attractions. In the off-season, the Kołobrzeg beach encourages long walks. Just like the 220-meter long pier, which is one of the city’s landmarks. From here it is only a step to Jan Szymański Boulevard and the Monument to the Wedding of Poland to the Sea. It is impossible to miss the old town, Żeromski Park, the beautiful lighthouse, as well as the Polish Arms Museum and the “Bastion” Military Attractions Center.


This charming town is located at the foot of the Jizera Mountains and for years has been attracting people who want to take advantage of the unique microclimate there. After all, it is said that combined with mineral waters it allows you to stay eternally young.

Świeradów-Zdrój is one of the most popular health resorts in Poland. And just like regeneration, it also promotes spending time actively. By following the red trail starting at the Spa Park (you must also visit the local Spa House), you can reach one of the highest nearby peaks – Stóg Izerski (1,105 m above sea level). An alternative is to take the gondola to the top.

It is also worth mentioning the path in the clouds. The tower, over 60 m high with an observation deck, an 850 m long footbridge and a 105 m long slide, is the most impressive structure of this type in Poland.


Szczyrk is a unique mountain town in Poland, located at the foot of the Skrzyczne (1,257 m above sea level) and Klimczok (1,117 m above sea level) peaks.

Szczyrk is a natural starting point for many mountain trails. There are two routes to Skrzyczne, which belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains (the name comes from the squawking of frogs) – through Hala Jaworzyna or the Becyrek Pass. Those less keen on hiking can go up the mountain by gondola lift. Regardless of the route chosen, there is a reward waiting at the top – delicious food in the local shelter and a view that can be admired from the terrace. In addition to conquering mountain peaks, in Szczyrk you can also go underground. This possibility is provided by the Cave in Trzech Kopce. This network of labyrinthine corridors hides mysterious rooms, such as the Hall of Eve, the Hall of Robbers, the High Chamber and the Chamber of Bats.


In the list of places worth visiting, we cannot forget about Warmia and Masuria. One of the towns worth visiting in autumn is Ostróda. It is surrounded by 5 lakes. The most beautiful beach – according to the residents – is the small Lake Sajmino (only 29 hectares and a 3-kilometer-long coastline), and the center of life in the town is Lake Drwęckie – much larger, with an area of ​​880 hectares. They can be admired from the deck of the ship (the water route also includes Lake Pauzeńskie and Lake Szeląg Wielki) or from the pier – one of the largest structures of this type in Poland. In Ostróda, ships sail not only on water, but also on… grass. The route of the Elbląg Canal – one of the seven wonders of Poland, a technical monument and a historical monument – runs along such an area.

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