Cheap holidays in March. Wizz Air sells tickets for PLN 69

Wizz Air restores as many as six connections.  We will recommend, among others:  from Poland to Israel

The low-cost airline Wizz Air has prepared something special for its customers. It encourages them to take spontaneous trips for only PLN 69.

Just a few weeks ago we reported that the Wizz Air brand had decided to suspend as many as 20 connections from Poland. This is not good news for people who like to use the services of a Hungarian carrier. However, we also have positive news – the carrier has just launched a unique promotion. Thanks to it, passengers will travel for pennies.

Promotion at Wizz Air

Wizz Air is one of the most famous airlines in Europe. It offers a rich network of connections to various parts of our continent. And it is constantly expanding it. Some time ago, the company’s planes also started flying… to the Maldives. Thanks to this offer, customers can get to the paradise located in the Indian Ocean much cheaper. And they really appreciate this solution.

Now the carrier has decided to encourage its Polish passengers to take early spring trips and is offering them plane tickets for only PLN 69.

There is little time to take advantage of this unique option. And there’s a catch – the trip must be completed before March 31. Where can you go for cheap during this period?

Cheap holidays in March

In March, the weather in Europe encourages spending time outdoors in many places. Even in Poland it is getting pleasant and much sunnier. In the south of the continent, we are almost guaranteed several degrees Celsius (and even higher temperatures) and many sunny days. Therefore, during this period it is worth going to Tirana (PLN 89), Milan (PLN 99), Verona (PLN 99) or Madrid (PLN 139). In each of these cities we will eat something delicious, and each of them will also offer us plenty of monuments and attractions that allow us to learn about the unique history of the country and its culture. Would you like to go on a spring trip during which you won’t have to worry about a large number of tourists and queues?

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