Aleksander Śliwka revealed what Poles must do. That’s what it takes to win

Aleksander Śliwka revealed what Poles must do.  That's what it takes to win

The Polish national team made a great start to this year’s European Men’s Volleyball Championship. Now the White and Reds have another match in which an important task awaits them. If they don’t do it, there will be no winning.

The Polish national team had a successful start in the ongoing European Championships. The Czechs were the first to face our volleyball players and it was not a successful match for them. For Nikola Grbic’s players, quite the opposite. Now the White and Reds face a slightly more difficult challenge, namely a clash with the Netherlands. Aleksander Śliwka revealed what he believed would be the key to winning.

Aleksander Śliwka revealed his intention for the European Championships

This player, like his colleagues, did excellently in the battle with our southwestern neighbors. They were completely dominated and only occasionally managed to cause problems for the Poles. Ultimately, the match ended with the score 3-0, and we won the next sets by 17, 20 and 20.

In addition, Nikola Grbic had the opportunity to experiment a bit – both tactically and personally. Kamil Semeniuk and Norbert Huber, among others, got a big chance, and closer to the end of the clash also Grzegorz Łomacz. Aleksander Śliwka, on the other hand, was untouchable. He played the entire match, and then on Polsat Sport he emphasized that the idea for the European Championship group stage was to rotate the squad a lot and let all the volleyball players play so that they could get into the right rhythm and condition.

Aleksander Śliwka talks honestly about his goal for the match against the Netherlands

In addition, the White and Reds also have one specific assumption for the upcoming match against the Netherlands. There is a certain player in this team who can really upset our volleyball players. – This team is a more difficult opponent with a big star in the squad. They have Abdel-Aziz Nimir, whom we will try to limit because he is generally unstoppable, said the receiver. It seems that this will be the key to the Poles’ next victory.

The match between Nikola Grbic’s players and the Dutch is scheduled for Friday, September 1. It will take place in the evening, at 8 p.m.

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