Bartosz Kurek shines with form! The captain of the national team stopped the giant of the competition

Bartosz Kurek shines with form!  The captain of the national team stopped the giant of the competition

Bartosz Kurek is like wine, the older it is, the better. The Polish volleyball player led Wolfdogs Nagoya to a victory over Panasonic Panthers after a tie-break.

The captain of the Polish national team is one of the biggest stars of the Japanese league. Bartosz Kurek and Wolfdogs Nagoya fight for the highest goals every season. This time, the team with “Kuraś” in the lineup was able to stand up to the tycoon of the competition. Panasonic Panthers, a band in which he played in the past, among others: Michał Kubiak had to acknowledge the superiority of Kurek and company. The undefeated leader lost to Wolfdogs after a tie-break.

Great match by Bartosz Kurek, Panasonic Panthers stopped

In the case of competition with Kubiak's ex-club, it is worth noting that we are talking about a team that has not lost the last 20 league matches. Coach Laurent Tillie, a great figure in world volleyball, has created a great team in Japan. However, Kurek and his colleagues were able to get at the leader of the competition.

Already on Saturday (February 17), the Wolfdogs were close to success. Ultimately, it ended in a tie-break and a narrow loss of 14:16. Kurek scored 34 points, being the absolute leader of the team. On Sunday, “Kuraś” added 31 points. This time, however, the team won against a strong rival, stopping the Panthers' great winning streak.

Let us add that Panasonic's volleyball players are still the leaders in the league table, with as many as 77 points. The runners-up are Suntory Sunbirds (66), and the “Kuraś” team is third on the podium with 61 points.

Will Bartosz Kurek join Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle?

In recent weeks, the hot transfer topic has been the return of “Kuraś” to PlusLiga. The attacker of the Polish national team is to become a new player of the current Polish runner-up, Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Several sources, including our informants, confirmed that the contract between Kurek and ZAKSA had been initialed. Official news on this matter will probably be provided only after the end of the games, either in the Japanese or Polish league. If Kurek actually ends up in PlusLiga, it will be one of the most famous returns in recent years.

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