GTA 6 with a huge leak. The hacker revealed the details and is threatening the company

GTA 6 with a huge leak.  The hacker revealed the details and is threatening the company

90 materials from GTA 6 have appeared online, most likely stolen by a hacker. Numerous video clips present the gameplay of one of the most anticipated games of recent years.

No one expected that Grand Theft Auto VI – one of the biggest secrets of the video game industry – would simply leak. And yet. On Sunday, over 90 materials from the upcoming Rockstar Games game appeared online. Moreover, the hacker threatened the company with further leaks.

GTA 6 and data leak – Vice City and a female hero

Let’s start from the beginning. On the forums related to the GTA series, a certain Teapotuberhacker nonchalantly started a new thread. There, he gave access to 90 different materials presenting the current work on the Grand Theft Auto VI game.

The video clips confirm many of the previous rumors. The materials feature a woman who will most likely be one of the main characters of the game. The plot is to be set in Vice City – an iconic location from the earlier parts of the GTA series. This is confirmed, among others, by: graphics on public transport.

Other videos showcase smaller elements such as a restaurant heist mission or activity, shooting mechanics, or car tuning options. The data leak is so large that some commentators immediately began to doubt its authenticity. However, Bloomberg’s sources have already confirmed that the materials are authentic and present the previous state of the game.

GTA 6 leak – hacker wants to negotiate with Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games employees are said to be “shocked by the leak” and fear the reaction of the company’s managers, say anonymous sources. What’s more, the story is still developing and… gaining momentum.

In later entries, Teapotuberhacker claims that he is also the person responsible for the recent hacker attack on Uber, and that he obtained materials regarding GTA 6 from the private Slack of Rockstar Games developers. He also claims that he has more unpublished materials.

He also updated the original forum post. In it, he claims that he woke up with over 3,000 messages on Telegram. “If you are an employee of Rockstar or TakeTwo (publisher of the game – editor’s note), send me a message containing the string 225592198896388 75756 on Telegram from your work email. I want to negotiate a contract,” he said.

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