Look in your wallet. A modern PLN 10 banknote can be worth up to PLN 3,250

Look in your wallet.  A modern PLN 10 banknote can be worth up to PLN 3,250

How much can a circulation banknote of PLN 10 be worth? For most of us, ten zlotys with the first ruler of Poland on the reverse are worth only ten zlotys, for which you can buy less and less products with each passing month. Collectors, for whom every detail on a banknote is of great importance, have a different opinion.

Last week, the online auction for the above-mentioned ten-zloty banknote in the so-called wallet condition. The value of the product is determined by grading, i.e. determining the degree of preservation of the banknote. Experts use ratings from 1 to 70. The higher the number, the better the condition of the money.

A banknote like a banknote. Collectors are looking at a rare series

In this case, the banknote number was 53. Despite this, twelve collectors raised the price for several days. The winner had to pay as much as PLN 3,250 for the circulating “tenner”. What special features does the banknote have that makes it so expensive? – many Internet users asked. Collectors drew attention to two, in their opinion, very important issues.

The first was the issue date of the banknote, in this case March 25, 1994. This is one of the first banknotes that appeared after redenomination in Poland. The second detail was the serial number. ZA series, i.e. the so-called replacement series, is currently the rarest on the market. Circulation banknotes with these letters are the most sought after by collectors.

Numismatic experts believe that if the banknote was in much better condition, it could fetch a much higher price. Money of the same series, with the same details, has already been sold for much higher amounts. In April last year, a ten-zloty banknote was auctioned for PLN 12,390. In turn, the record price was achieved in October. One collector paid as much as PLN 14,875 for a similar banknote.

A new form of earning. Check the series and numbers of banknotes

Internet users say that you can earn money on almost anything. One option is to sell banknotes with a large number of the same numbers. The key to profit may be a banknote with the so-called radar. A popular radar is the number of the serial number, which is read the same both from the end and from the beginning. “Some banknotes with a radar in the serial number can beat the nominal value of paper money up to several hundred times,” we read on one of the numismatic groups in social media.

Mr. Adam has already sold several radar notes. He is a seller at a local bazaar. Many bills pass through his hands every day. Each of them watches carefully. As he claims, he also found some very interesting series, which he put up for auction. He is constantly waiting to find the most sought-after banknotes by collectors. As he says himself, for him it is an opportunity to earn extra income.

More and more willing people who offer rare specimens line up in the queue for earnings. You can buy a circulation banknote with a face value of PLN 20 from 2016. The serial number BM 1111111 is already attracting the attention of not only collectors. Another Internet user offers a wallet banknote, i.e. a slightly damaged one with a face value of PLN 100 from 1994. Also here, what attracts the attention of collectors is the serial number GI 7777777. According to experts, further record auctions are expected.

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