Tickets for Euro 2024 for Poles quickly sold out. Fans disappointed

Tickets for Euro 2024 for Poles quickly sold out.  Fans disappointed

On Thursday at 2 p.m., the sale of tickets for Euro 2024 for the Polish national team started on the UEFA website. Not everything went as expected.

After a heroic fight against the Wales national team in the final of the Euro 2024 play-offs, Poland gained a pass to the tournament. The white and red team showed fortitude and determination, which was missing in the unsuccessful group qualifying rounds. The fans like this attitude, so it was obvious that many of them would be interested in supporting the team in Germany during the European Championships. UEFA has scheduled ticket sales to start at 2 p.m. on Thursday. As it later turned out, it did not even last 180 minutes.

Euro 2024. Problems with buying tickets

Many fans of the Polish national team were unlucky. On the X platform and other social media, they expressed their grievances to UEFA because the sales system worked poorly. At first, they were placed in a virtual queue and did not move forward for a long time. Others, on the other hand, had problems logging in from the very beginning.

However, when the system, after waiting for example two hours, allowed Poles to enter the zone where they could choose the number of tickets and the possibility of purchasing them, a message suddenly appeared that the tickets could no longer be purchased because they were all sold out. Everything indicates that few daredevils were lucky. It is also not known exactly what number of tickets were allocated to our fans.

Ticket prices for Euro 2024

Let us remind you that the exclusive sale of tickets for Euro 2024 matches is conducted by UEFA. In the announcement on Portal Tickets addressed to fans of the Polish team, it was written that the further process of the sales system will be launched when our team advances to the knockout phase of the tournament.

It is worth adding here that, at best, you didn't have to pay much to see Michał Probierz's players perform. The cheapest tickets to matches involving the Polish national team started from EUR 30 (about PLN 130). The most expensive tickets cost 400 euros (about PLN 1,700). Some fans have managed to get admission to the Red and White matches, but many people may feel disappointed.

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