PZN admitted its mistake. It's about Thomas Thurnbichler

PZN admitted its mistake.  It's about Thomas Thurnbichler

Adam Małysz spoke about Thomas Thurnbichler. The president of the Polish Football Association said that the Austrian took on too many things. The legendary ski jumper admitted his mistake.

In 2022, PZN announced that Michal Doleżal's successor was Thomas Thurnbichler. The Austrian was previously a member of his country's national team staff. He started his career by training young people. It was a brave decision on the part of the Polish Football Association, especially since the coach was also supposed to help in the development of the second team and youth. After the first relatively successful season, the 2023/24 campaign came, which went badly from the beginning. Unfortunately, the white and red team did not resemble the jumpers who had achieved success before. The only positives can be seen in the form of Aleksander Zniszczoł, who stood on the podium twice.

Adam Małysz: It was a bit too much for Thomas Thurnbichler

After this disastrous season, PZN is looking for changes and improvement of the situation. They decided to hire additional coordinators to support the development of ski jumping in Poland. Despite the unsuccessful season, Adam Małysz confirmed that Thomas Thurnbichler will remain the first coach of the Polish national team, and the director, who is currently being sought, is to support the Austrian.

In an interview with WP SportoweFakty, Adam Małysz admitted that Thomas Thurnbichler took on too many things at once and couldn't cope. – He wanted to be responsible for both the main team and its support staff, as well as the juniors. He consulted and planned everything and it was a bit too much for him, he said.

– The first coach should focus primarily on the main team and its players, and only support the others – he added.

Adam Małysz admitted his mistake regarding Thomas Thurnbichler

Moreover, Adam Małysz admitted that PZN made a mistake in this situation. – We agreed to it, but it was our mistake. Thomas had too much on his mind and now he, as well as the players, could use some rest, he continued.

– However, we have drawn conclusions from this situation, we still trust Thomas and he will still be the first coach, but to help him, we are looking for a person for the position of coordinator – he concluded.

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