A shocking incident in the sky. The plane flew for an hour with a hole in the fuselage

A shocking incident in the sky.  The plane flew for an hour with a hole in the fuselage

The Air Serbia plane was seriously damaged during take-off. The machine with a hole in the fuselage took off, with 100 people on board. An emergency landing was possible after an hour.

Some time ago we wrote about an Alaska Airlines plane from which part of the fuselage fell off during the flight. None of the passengers were hurt and the plane landed safely, but everyone was stressed during the trip. Travelers flying with Air Serbia now had to face a similar situation. It turns out that it suffered damage during take-off and later circled the sky for an hour with a hole in the fuselage.

A plane with a hole in its fuselage circled the sky for an hour

The aircraft operating on behalf of Air Serbia suffered significant damage to the fuselage and wing during take-off from the airport. Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. The plane flying to Dusseldorf immediately turned back to the Serbian capital, but the landing took almost an hour. The pilots had to burn fuel and made a low pass over the runway so ground crews could determine the condition of the plane.

As events unfolded, other aircraft were grounded at Belgrade airport, and an arriving Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna and a Wizz Air flight from Dortmund had to be diverted to Timisoara. The Embraer in question ultimately landed safely in Belgrade, with emergency services waiting on site.

Investigation into the case. Pilot’s fault?

Unofficial reports indicate that the plane was supposed to hit the navigation tools installed just behind the runway during take-off. Exact details about how and why the plane came into contact with them are unknown, although air traffic control reports and recordings indicate that the pilot was short of runway. He had previously decided not to use its entire length despite warnings from air traffic control.

The Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia and other competent authorities are expected to investigate the matter. The incident is treated as serious. Due to the extent of the damage to the aircraft, it is unlikely that it will return to service any time soon.

There were 106 passengers on board and none were injured. Passengers reported hearing a loud bang during takeoff.

In a short statement, Air Serbia said: “The plane landed safely at Belgrade Airport. Air Serbia apologizes for the inconvenience caused and is doing everything in its power to resume the flight as soon as possible. “The safety of passengers was not compromised at any time.”

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