The competition for a prefabricated housing estate as part of Mieszkanie Plus has been resolved

The competition for a prefabricated housing estate as part of Mieszkanie Plus has been resolved

The competition for the construction of a prefabricated housing estate under the government’s Mieszkanie Plus program has been resolved.

Although the competition jury did not choose a winner, the project was handed over to the BBGK Architekci studio, which took second place. This studio was responsible, among other things, for the design of the award-winning Katyn Museum. The aim of the competition announced at the beginning of August was to develop modern, repeatable technological solutions that will allow the entire market to increase the number of investments and reduce construction costs.

– Widespread use of the new prefabrication system will allow us to achieve economies of scale. We are counting on large savings and an increase in the supply of apartments. We don’t want to build the same thing all the time, and therefore the same amount. New technologies are new opportunities to revitalize the construction market in Poland, noted the Minister of Investment and Development Jerzy Kwieciński.

Prefabrication as a way to meet demand

PFR Nieruchomości, which manages the Mieszkanie Plus program, has repeatedly indicated that prefabrication is a solution for the company to help effectively and quickly reduce the shortage of apartments, which is currently strongly felt in Poland. As we read in the statement – The challenge is the fact that housing estates with the so-called large panel construction, focused on the number of apartments built and not their quality, distorted the image of prefabricated construction in Poland for many years. Due to the mistakes made at that time, this construction became synonymous with anonymous and monotonous space and low architectural standard.

– Rising prices of construction materials and the lack of labor are barriers faced not only by the Mieszkanie Plus program, but also by the entire market. That’s why we decided to announce a competition for technology that, in our opinion, can easily solve these problems. Prefabrication works successfully on the markets of Western Europe and Scandinavia. I believe that it can also become common in Poland. We want to move the domestic market from the era of apartments built using traditional, expensive technologies to the era of modern solutions that will allow us to build high-quality apartments, but faster and cheaper – emphasized Mirosław Barszcz, president of PFR Nieruchomości SA

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