Scandal in Greece. In bars, they poured out unfinished drinks and sold them to other tourists

Scandal in Greece.  In bars, they poured out unfinished drinks and sold them to other tourists

The police took a closer look at several dozen bars in Greece. Reports indicate that they used illegal practices towards customers. In many places, including unfinished drinks were poured off and sold to other people.

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations among tourists around the world. However, none of the people who are going on vacation here certainly did not expect such shocking information. In one of the Greek regions, dozens of bars have recently closed. All because of how tourists were treated here. There is a high probability that some guests “finished” drinks after people who came here earlier. However, the bad news doesn’t end there.

Affair with Greek bars in the background

Greek tax authorities closed 28 bars for 48 hours to fine owners for various offenses. It turns out that on the Greek island of Corfu, there was a popular practice of collecting unfinished drinks, pouring them into one and then serving them to the next customer.

The Independent Tax Authority (AADE) carried out a series of “raids” on bars on the island of Corfu between August 30 and September 1. Due to a number of violations, many of them were closed and fines were imposed.

The main aim of the investigation was to determine whether the drinks served in bars came from illegal sources – e.g. smuggling. Instead, another shocking thing was discovered. Some bars used beakers and made new drinks from them for other people.

According to The Independent, bartenders kept unfinished drinks in a container and then handed them out in shots.

Inspection after a dangerous incident

According to the New York Post, the bar inspections were carried out a few days before the death of a tourist who probably died as a result of consuming tainted alcohol in the area.

Last week, a 22-year-old British policewoman was found dead on the streets of Kavos. She died of a head injury, but officials say she smelled of alcohol. Toxicology will show what the woman had in her veins. It could be alcohol mixed with illegal or untested substances.

Officials sent as many as eight samples collected during the “raid” to the State General Chemical Laboratory, where they are currently undergoing testing. Local media report that similar inspections are being carried out in other party resorts in Greece.

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