Did your luggage pass security check? Chopin Airport has the perfect solution

Did your luggage pass security check?  Chopin Airport has the perfect solution

Warsaw Chopin Airport has just introduced another innovative service that will especially appeal to forgetful passengers. If there is something in their luggage that is not allowed and they do not pass the security check, it will be dealt with quickly.

Chopin Airport has recently been undergoing a metamorphosis. Big changes are being introduced here for the benefit of passengers traveling from here. One of the important novelties are sleeping capsules, which can now be used here. And although many people will certainly like the solution, the prices we will have to pay for it are surprising. One hour of using the capsule costs PLN 60, two hours PLN 110, and for each additional hour you will pay an additional PLN 40.

However, this is not the only facility available to customers of the capital airport. The facility has also implemented an innovative service that will be especially useful for slightly forgetful passengers. Did you find prohibited items in your luggage and did not pass the security check? Now you can send them to the selected address via a special parcel locker.

Parcel locker for sending items that have not passed inspection at the airport

A unique InPost parcel locker has been installed at Chopin Airport. It can be used by passengers who had items in their hand luggage that were questioned by the security control operator. If the luggage contains an item that should be in a checked suitcase – e.g. perfume or a souvenir pocket knife – the passenger can send it via a parcel locker to the address of his or her choice. Then, instead of throwing away valuable products, we can send them safely to our own or loved ones’ homes.

This is the first such solution in Europe.

“The possibility of sending a parcel directly from the baggage inspection area at the airport is the first solution of this type not only in Poland but also in Europe. We meet the expectations of many passengers of our airport. Out of distraction or ignorance, travelers often go through security screening with prohibited items in their luggage. They usually no longer have the opportunity or time to return to the place where they dropped off their checked baggage. Now, thanks to InPost devices, they will safely send their valuable item to the selected address,” says Anna Dermont, spokeswoman for Chopin Airport.

Unfortunately, there is one catch to all this convenience. The device is located in the Fast Track passage, in the baggage inspection zone E of Chopin Airport. And to use this route, you have to pay an additional PLN 39 for faster check-in.

When a passenger approaches the security check with a prohibited item, he or she will be able to decide to use the InPost service. In such a situation, the Airport Security Service employee carrying out the inspection will place the item in a string bag and secure the contents. Then the passenger will be directed to the Fast Track crossing. There, after purchasing the “fast pass”, he will be able to pack the item in a cardboard box of the appropriate size and place it in the device. The shipment is sent via the InPost Mobile application. The parcel locker at Chopin Airport only allows domestic shipments, to another parcel locker or to a specified address.

After placing the parcel in the parcel locker, the traveler will go through security check in the Fast Track zone in order to catch the plane.

Other facilities at Chopin Airport

Some time ago, Chopin Airport also introduced a solution for people who realized at the last minute that there was something wrong with their passport. A station for obtaining temporary passports was established here. Thanks to this inexpensive service, we can obtain the document at the airport and still enjoy the trip without additional consequences.

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