A real revolution is coming. More airports are lifting the limit on liquids in hand luggage

A real revolution is coming.  More airports are lifting the limit on liquids in hand luggage

Flying by plane will soon become even easier and more enjoyable. More airports are abolishing the rule that we can take liquids in 100 ml bottles on board. All thanks to modern scanners.

In April 2023, the tourism industry was electrified by the information that London City Airport was lifting the limit on liquids in hand luggage. Thanks to modern technology, passengers pass a security check without having to remove electronics from their suitcases, and they can also take filled bottles with a capacity of up to 2 liters on board.

Airports in Prague and Helsinki followed suit. Others are preparing to take such steps. Which of them will soon make the entire check-in procedure easier for passengers? This is revealed, among others, by: a certain tiktoker.

Airports in Europe are lifting liquid limits

Recently, the airports of Milan Linate and Fiumicino in Rome also announced the lifting of the liquid limit, and now the airport in Budapest is planning to do so. If the new system is implemented here and the new rules come into force, 100 ml bottles and restrictions on bringing liquids on board will be forgotten.

As you know, passengers at most airports in the world can carry liquids in containers with a capacity of no more than 100 ml. Additionally, they should be placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a capacity of no more than one liter. In many cases, this causes inconvenience to passengers who are often forced to throw away excess liquids, slowing down the check-in process.

Budapest Airport said on its website that, as with all security checks, the current rule is related to safety and full compliance with EU regulations. This right can be waived if advanced scanners are installed here.

The Hungarian airport, like many other European airports, has already tested the CT security scanner and wants to implement it in Terminal 1 within two years. The renovated Terminal 1 is scheduled to open no later than summer 2025. It was being renovated to “serve the growing number of passengers while maintaining high quality of services.”

Which airports will still lift the liquid limit?

We can expect the same steps from other airports. Tiktoker @kajetaneo, who specializes in the travel industry, talks about it in his video.

He states that the next airports to abolish liquid limits are: Barcelona, ​​all airports in Great Britain, Shannon (Ireland), Dublin, Munich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

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