The legendary coach spilled the beans. He can return to PlusLiga

The legendary coach spilled the beans.  He can return to PlusLiga

Andrea Anastasi is a renowned coach who spent part of his career in Poland. However, the trainer has been in his homeland for two years. The Italian reveals whether there is a chance to return to PlusLiga.

The last Polish team fighting in the Champions League is Jastrzębski Węgiel. The Polish champions advanced to the quarterfinals, where they will face the Gas Sales Daiko Piacenza team. The coach of this team is Andrea Anastasi, very well known in Poland. The Italian will face the Polish team in the play-off phase for the second time in a row. Let us remind you that last year his Perugia was eliminated against ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Andrea Anastasi happy to return to Poland

In an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”, Andrea Anastasi admitted that he is happy to come to Poland, but he is not happy that he will have to face Jastrzębski Węgiel. – It’s wonderful that I will be able to see my Poland again and my friends who are going to the match even from Warsaw. However, Jastrzębie is a very good team and it must be admitted that this quarterfinal will be the most even – he said.

– My team will play well if all players regain their form. We had a lot of problems this year, so if we manage to rebuild all the players in these few days, it will be a great competition – he added.

Will Andrea Anastasi return to PlusLiga?

In this interview, Anastasi also revealed that despite his busy schedule, he will always find time to follow PlusLiga. – I know that as many as three teams will say goodbye to PlusLiga next season and the situation will be really complicated. I must say that 16 teams are too many because the level of play is not high. That’s why, in my opinion, 14 teams is a much better solution, he admitted.

The Italian signed only a one-year contract with Gas Sales Daiko Piacenza. Does this mean that Andrea Anastasi can return to PlusLiga? – Definitely yes. I am always ready to return to Poland, he assured.

– I am open to suggestions because I like to sign a one-year contract with a given team. At the moment I have not received any job offer in your country, but I have already had several interviews. I’m calmly waiting and we’ll see what happens, he concluded.

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