An embarrassing situation at the Polish swimming pool. Czech tourists embarrassed Poles

An embarrassing situation at the Polish swimming pool.  Czech tourists embarrassed Poles

At one of the Polish swimming pools there were appeals to foreign tourists. There was an embarrassing incident here recently.

Journalists from the Nasza Trybuna Opolska website wrote about what happened in one of the Polish towns located right next to the Czech border. It turns out that more and more foreign guests appear in cities in Poland that are just a few kilometers from our neighbors’ country. They do not come here for holidays, but, for example, to use sports facilities, including swimming pools. Unfortunately, they practice slightly different rules in these places than in Poland. And this has led to an embarrassing situation recently.

An unusual situation at the swimming pool in Prudnik

A rather unusual appeal to foreign guests of the facility recently appeared in one of the swimming pools in Poland. Important information written in Czech was placed at the ticket office of the “Sójka” indoor swimming pool in Prudnik. It included a polite message about changing clothes behind the designated curtain at the pool, and not in the shared locker room. It turns out that our neighbors do not go to designated cabins for this purpose, but do it in front of everyone, including children.

– Guests from the Czech Republic changed in the locker rooms, next to the lockers, and not behind curtains – explains Małgorzata Halek-Malinowska, director of the Agency of Sports and Promotion of the Prudnik Commune, in an interview with NTO. – We do not have a separate area for adults or a zone for people using the sauna. The same locker rooms are also used by children with their parents or those coming to swimming school, hence our appeal to adapt to the applicable rules.

The changing rooms at the “Sójka” swimming pool are divided by gender, but even if there are people of the same sex nearby, it is worth taking care of their comfort and changing their clothes for swimsuits in a secluded place.

Some of them embarrassed Poles

NTO journalists managed to talk to the Czechs about such behavior at the swimming pool. For them it is completely normal and they are surprised at what it looks like in Poland. At swimming pools in the Czech Republic, there are no specially designated changing areas in men’s locker rooms.

– In our country, no one is offended by dressing up in front of children. At the swimming pool in Prudnik, I didn’t notice anyone getting naked in the shared shower. People are ashamed. But for health and hygiene reasons, it’s better to wash thoroughly after swimming, said the Czech woman.

Poles have also noticed a more liberal approach from our neighbors.

– I often use the swimming pool in Czech Village near Jesenik – says a resident of Głuchołazy. – It even happened that a father brought his several-year-old daughter to the shower together because he had no one to leave her with. And he didn’t care that there were naked men bathing nearby. For others, it’s an embarrassing situation.

The same thing happens in saunas, where no one cares about nudity. People walk without clothes even in the corridors of the facility where the saunas are located.

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