An unusual phenomenon in the Tatra Mountains. The tornado surprised tourists

An unusual phenomenon in the Tatra Mountains.  The tornado surprised tourists

The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. However, tourists were not prepared for the tornado that crossed the Tatra trails on Monday evening.

Tourists staying in the Teryho Chata shelter, located on the border of the Mała Zimna Woda Valley and the Five Spis Ponds Valley in the Slovak Tatra Mountains, had quite an attraction that evening. In the photos shared on the “Current conditions in the mountains” community profile on Facebook, we can observe an unusual event witnessed by the Slovak hiker Lukáš Šutarik.

A tornado in photos

A tornado hit a shelter located high in the mountains. Chata Teryho is one of the most beautiful facilities of this type in the Tatra Mountains. It was built at 2,015 m above sea level, which makes it the highest year-round shelter. From the accommodation you can set off early in the morning, for example, to the Czerwona Ławka peak, which is reached via the only via ferrata in the Tatra Mountains.

The night of September 19-20 brought moments of horror to mountain hiking enthusiasts staying in the shelter. The photos show something that definitely resembles a tornado. However, it was far enough away that it didn’t do any damage. The tornado was quite small, but even such a small one is a kind of sensation for many people. The phenomenon caught the attention of tourists in the cottage and Internet users, who reacted to the photo with surprise.

This isn’t the first tornado

Tornadoes in Poland appear no more than a dozen times a year and most often occur in the summer. The most tragic event involving a tornado in Poland was the death of 6 people after a tornado appeared near Lublin on July 20, 1931. The city was devastated by winds whose speed exceeded 369 kilometers per hour. Another powerful trumpet also occurred on July 20, 76 years later. In 2007, it passed over the Lower Silesian, Opole, Silesian and Lublin provinces, causing the greatest destruction in the vicinity of Częstochowa, where many houses collapsed.

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