You have to be careful with grass snake eggs. Now reptiles are born in large numbers in the forest

You have to be careful with grass snake eggs.  Now reptiles are born in large numbers in the forest

Recently, grass snake eggs have appeared in large numbers in the forests. Now most of these creatures are starting to hatch. You have to be careful not to trample them and cause harm. Representatives of the State Forests from the Piwniczna region draw attention to this.

Grass snakes are associated with danger. Many people forget that they are not the same as the venomous pit vipers and have a huge hatred for them. These snakes are found throughout Europe and are unable to harm humans. However, you need to be careful and be able to recognize them. Now the forests are full of eggs of young grass snakes that are just starting to come into the world. It’s worth knowing what they look like.

Grass snake eggs in the forests. The forest district informs

The State Forest District boasted of photos of over 50 eggs. Now it has been announced that the time of birth has come and the young will begin to appear in the forests in large numbers. Snakes can still hatch, so be careful and don’t get too close. “The time has come for the birth of a new generation of our most common reptile,” we read in the photo post. In one of them we see white eggs, in the other black creatures hatching from them.

The grass snake is one of the most common reptiles, and its new generation does not portend anything bad for us. However, you must remember to be prepared for such clusters and not to be frightened by the sight. Contrary to appearances, you can encounter it not only in the forest, it loves wet areas, among others. allotment plots, as well as meadows and areas around water reservoirs. They can be lurking in the grass, especially when there is some sun. We are talking about cold-blooded snakes that like to bask in the sun – especially in the morning.

While an encounter with a poisonous viper can end very badly – this was experienced by, among others, a family with a six-year-old son who suffered serious consequences from a venom bite – but with a grass snake we are not at risk. Internet users who saw the forest district’s post began to react en masse. Fortunately, it turned out that most people realized that we were talking about benign reptiles. People wrote, among others: “What miracles”, “What nice shoelaces”. Some people were counting snakes and it turned out that there were about fifty of them in the photo.

This is how you recognize a grass snake in the forest. This is worth knowing

There is no need to panic when you see this snake. Hasty and irresponsible behavior can even harm us. Many people confuse grass snakes with vipers and unnecessarily harm innocent creatures. “It’s a pity that this reptile is often confused with the pit viper and exterminated,” wrote one Facebook user. This is unfortunately true.

How to recognize a grass snake? It looks quite characteristic – its young are mostly black, but adults can also be brown or grey-green, and sometimes have yellow spots behind the temples. These snakes can reach up to one and a half meters in length, so they can be frightening. They look different than pit vipers – these have a flattened head, a heart-shaped or triangular vertical pupil and a very variable copper-brown and grey-brown coloration.

The bite of a grass snake is not painful and leaves no trace. It is worth noting that this reptile rarely attacks, and the exception may be when it feels surrounded by us.

When walking in wet areas, you should strain your eyes. If you see these eggs and snakes hatching next to them, leave them alone. You don’t have to defend yourself against them or exterminate them.

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