Poles loved the new attraction. A crowd of tourists in the Błędowska Desert

Poles loved the new attraction.  A crowd of tourists in the Błędowska Desert

Called the “Polish Sahara”, the desert offers much more than tons of sand. You can take advantage of many unique attractions here.

The sun and higher temperatures tempted tourists to go out into nature. On the first weekend of March, large numbers of Poles went to the Błędowska Desert, often called the “Polish Sahara”. This largest area of ​​quicksand in our country is not usually associated with crowds of people. However, it turns out that Polish tourists really love this unique attraction located on the border of Silesia and Lesser Poland. There are queues waiting for us there, just like at Krupówki in Zakopane.

A crowd of tourists in the Błędowska Desert

As reported by Gazeta Krakowska, the first weekend of March encouraged residents of the Silesian and Lesser Poland voivodeships to go on spring sightseeing trips. Although Zakopane usually leads in domestic tourism at the end of winter, this year the most popular Tatra destination recorded a rather poor season in terms of the number of visitors. Poles who dreamed of escaping from their homes to the uninhabited wilderness must have been quite surprised when they arrived in the Błędowska Desert. There were queues waiting for them like at the popular Krupówki Street. “I wanted to show my friends our attraction. On such a beautiful day, it's really very 'desert' here,” says one of the tourists sarcastically, quoted by the Krakow website.

The Polish desert offers numerous attractions

No wonder thousands of tourists love the Polish desert. After all, there are not only tons of sand, but also many unique attractions. Hiking and cycling paths have been built around the desert, the total area of ​​which is approximately 33 square kilometers. Two peaks dominate the area: Czubatka in Klucze (382 m above sea level) and Dąbrówka in Chechle (355 m above sea level), from where there are beautiful views. The biggest attraction is the Wind Rose – a wooden platform open to tourists, accessed by a trail with numerous military cannons. In the area, it is worth looking for remnants of World War II or watching parachute jumps organized here.

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